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Certificate Updates
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Certifications Updates! 

1) All certification updates must now be done by a club officer/center leader on the online club/center record at secure.ponyclub.org

If you have a volunteer who is NOT a club officer or recorded center leader, the DC or CA may request to the National Office that that individual be granted access to the club/center’s online record in order to record the update.  Please contact Kay Kelley (clubs) or Dawn Strickler (centers) for assistance. 

If you need log in assistance to access your club/center record please contact Aileen Gordon.

2) The new Dressage (DR) D-1 – C-2 levels are now available to be recorded for your members in your club/center’s online record!

3) The Horse Management section must be recorded for each level earned, and then the appropriate riding section (Trad, FL, JP, HSE, DR, WST) may be entered.   

The "alternative progression” that came available in 2010 and allowed members to test the Horse Management separate from the riding portion and for the Traditional Certification allowed the flat section and the jumping sections to also be tested separately is now become the accepted manner.  In order to ensure that all members records are truly reflective of their accomplishments, the HM must be recorded for a level, and then the appropriate riding sections then become available.  

4) We have renamed the "Flat” and the "Jumping” sections to "Trad FL” and "Trad JP” in the selection drop down of the certification update page. 

Now that Dressage at the local level is in place, we want to ensure that leaders choose the appropriate section when updating their members’ records.  The "Flat” and the "Jumping” sections are specific to earning the "Traditional” Certification, and no longer feed into the Dressage and Show Jumping Upper Level Certifications. 

5) We have altered the display of the Current Highest Certifications in two ways.  First the Horse Management (HM) will always appear first in the line of certifications.  Secondly, to help make reading the current highest Certifications for a member easier within the Traditional Track, once a member has earned the Trad FL and TRAD JP at a level, just the Traditional Certification will show.   

Example:  Joey Smith has earned his D-3 in HM, Trad Fl and Trad JP.  His current Certifications read: D-3 TRAD D-3 HM, D-3 FL, D-3 JP.  Now it will read: D-3 HM, D-3 TRAD.  If Joey goes on to earn is C-1 HM and then his C-1 FL, then his Certifications will read: C-1 HM, D-3 TRAD, C-1 FL.  

Certification Reminders! 

1) A D-1 earned in any track allows the member to proceed to the D-2 in all tracks.   

No member needs to return to the D-1 level if they are going to begin earning Certifications in a new track.  Think of it this way, "same test, different saddle.” 

2) The Traditional C-2 leads directly to the Traditional C-3.  The Dressage C-2 leads directly to the Dressage C-3.  The Hunter Seat Equitation C-2 leads directly to the Show Jumping C-3. 

Please note that the Traditional C-2 member is not eligible to move to the Dressage C-3 or the Show Jumping C-3.  They must first test to the C-2 Dressage or Hunter Seat Equitation.  This holds true at all of the local levels above the D-1.  A member may earn certifications in another track by testing at their current level or below their current level (whichever is appropriate for their skill level) in the new track.  They may not test UP a level in the new track as their first test in that new track. 

3) At all levels – retest deadline is August 31 of the following year from the when the original test was taken.   

The following wording will be added to the Test Sheets and Standards:  A candidate may retest only if the candidate qualifies for a retest by passing the minimum number of sections stated on the test sheet and the original Examiner has recommended the candidate to retest.  Those testing during the current year have until August 31 of the following year to retest.  Candidates must arrange for retests through their DC/CA.

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