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Standards of Proficiency & Testing
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Pony Club is unique because its educational programs place equal emphasis on the teaching of riding skills, horse-care fundamentals, and team participation with sportsmanship. From the moment youth join Pony Club until they graduate, they are part of a broad network of activities and educational programs that promote the health and safety of both horse and rider. USPC is dedicated to developing knowledgeable, competent, responsible, and caring horsemen.

Certificates: At the lower levels (D-1, D-2, D-3, C-1 and C-2) members will earn a certificate for each testing in which they successfully meet the Standards of Proficiency. Certificates are administered by the local club or center. Certificates* are available to be earned at each level in Horse Management, Riding on the Flat, Over Fences, and Hunt Seat Equitation. The Horse Management certificate must be earned at each level, before the member can proceed to test in any other section at that level, or if they prefer, move on to the next level of Horse Management.

*Certificates in Western are currently in a pilot phase (2012 - 2014).

The D levels are an introduction to riding, establishing safety habits and knowledge of the daily care of a horse and tack. the D learns to ride independently and securely at the walk, trot and canter and, if they choose, over low fences.

The C Levels show increasing control and confidence in all phases of riding. The C learns to become an active horseman able to care for a mount and tack and to understand the reasons for what he or she is doing.

*Certificates in Western are currently in a pilot phase (2012 - 2014).

Certifications: At the upper levels members will continue their education and earn certifications indicating their achievement in meeting the Standards of Proficiency at that level. Certifications are administered at the National level. Members may earn certification at the different levels in Horse Management, Dressage, Show Jumping, or the Traditional Certification in Eventing.





The H-B Certification covers horse management topic that demonstrate increasing knowledge and competence in the care and handling of horse

The B Certification is for the active horseman interested in acquiring further knowledge and proficiency in riding and teaching. The B is able to ride experienced mounts with confidence and control.

The H-A Certification covers horse management teaching and training. The H-A has the knowledge experience and maturity to evaluate and care for a mount's needs efficiently and in a variety of circumstances.

The A Certification is the highest level. The A is able to ride mounts at various levels of schooling with judgement, tact and effectiveness; to train young mounts; and to retrain spoiled mounts.

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