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Upper Level Recommended Reading List
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Reading lists are recommended and suggested reading only and not intended to limit additional reading and study.

Any member or volunteer with a suggested reference or resource may submit it to the Instruction Council, Attn: Curriculum and Standards, for consideration and inclusion in the reading list. Please provide the title, author, and subject. If it is a Web site, please include the link. Please also indicate your recommendation level (H-B, H, etc.) or discipline (Dressage, Show Jumping, etc).

Note: *denotes a book that is out of print and not available via Shop Pony Club. However, you may still be able to find them on Amazon.com.  If you access Amazon.com through the Shop Pony Club Website, any purchases you make USPC will receive a percentage back.


H-B H-HM/H/H-A Dressage Show Jumping Traditional


For all Upper Level Candidates:

All Pony Club Rulebooks

Dressage Horse Management Quiz
Eventing Polocrosse Show Jumping
Games Polo Tetrathalon

All Pony Club Manuals

USPC Manual of Horsemanship, Vol. 1 USPC Manual of Horsemanship, Vol. 2 USPC Manual of Horsemanship, Vol. 3


Recommended Reading

Enrichment Resources

Grooming to Win

Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement

Every Time - Every Ride Video

USPC Guide to Health and Maintenance Record Book

USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training

USPC Guide to Conformation, Movement and Soundness

Safe Horse - Safe Rider *

Horses Make Good Neighbors (pamphlet from ELCR)

Horse Anatomy: Coloring Atlas

School Exercises for Flatwork & Jumping

Horse Foot Care by Butler *

Determining the Age of the Horse *

Handbook of Riding Essentials *

Feeding and Care of the Horse, 2nd Edition *

Thinking Riding Volume I *

Thinking Riding Volume II *

Maximum Hoof Power *

Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses *

Horsefeathers: Facts Versus Myths About Your Horse's Health *

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H-B Candidates:

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook

Understanding Equine Medications (out of print)

Pony Club Safety Information Packet

Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners

Solo Schooling


The Equine Body

Horse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants

Progressive School Exercises

Teaching the Child Rider

Conformation and Performance

No Foot, No Horse *

Local Resources: Veterinarian, farrier, feed stores, local professionals and Cooperative Extension


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H-HM/H/H-A Candidates: 

USPC Guide to Longeing

USPC D Standard DVD

The Equine Body


Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Health Care and First Aid

Understanding Equine Nutrition *

Blythe Tait's Cross-Country Clinic *

Training from the Ground: A Special Approach *

Hawkins Guide to Equine Emergencies on the Road *


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Dressage Candidates:


101 Dressage Exercises

Anatomy of Dressage

Centered Riding

Principles of Riding- German Federation Handbook *

Advanced Principles of Riding-German Federation Handbook *

USDF Lunging Manual *

USDF Glossary of Judging Terms *

USEF Rulebook for Dressage *

USDF Manual of Training *

USDF On the Levels DVD *

Balance in Motion *

Practical Dressage Manual

Tug of War *

Dressage in Harmony *

Dressage Formula *

Dressage for the 21st Century *

My Horses, My Teachers *

Training Series *

Competitive Edge I *

Competitive Edge II *

Dressage Masters *

Riding Through *

The New Basic Training of the Young Horse *

Lungeing (R) *

Falling for Fallacies, Misleading Notions of Dressage Riding *

Gymnastic Exercises for Horses *

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Show Jumping Candidates:


101 Jumping Exercises

Anne Kursinski's Riding and Jumping Clinic *


Traditional Candidates:


Equine Fitness

Dr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid in Horses

3024 Cavalletti (new edition coming 2013)

Conditioning Sport Horses *


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