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National Policy Subject Index
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Academy of Achievement Committee Policy 5001.K
Access to Mailing List Policy 7250
Activities Council Policy 6000
Activities Resource Contacts Policy 6003, 6003.A
Advertising in Pony Club Publications Policy 2760
Alcohol, use of Policy 0500
Age (minimum age of mount) Policy 0135
Agendas for Board Meetings Policy 1050.A
Articles of Organization of Member Clubs Policy 4001
Audit CommitteePolicy 7900, 7900.A
Advisory Committee Duties Resolution #2

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Background Checks for Volunteers Policy 0721
Bitting Policy 0136
Board Committees Policy 1250
Budgets Policy 7400

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C-3/HB Curriculum Committee Policy 5001.E
Candidate Certification for Upper Level Testing Policy 5650
Capital Fund Expenditure Authority (National) Policy 7850
Cavalry Awards Policy 6750
Centers See R for Riding Center Program
Code of Ethics (National) Policy 0710.A
Championships Policy 6006
Coaching Policy 6030
Colors of USPC Policy 2055
Committees of the Board Policy 1250
Compensation Policy 0720
Competitive Awards Policy 6700
Competitions Policy 6004
Concussion and Return to PlayPolicy 0126
Conflict of Intrest, USPC Staff Policy 2450
Conflict of Intrest, (All volunteers, employees, etc) Policy 0710
National Communications Committee Policy 1250.B
Community Service Policy 4008
Core Activity of USPC Policy 0150
Core Values Policy 0100, 0100.A
Corporate Membership Policy 1001.A
Curriculum-Standards Committee Policy 5001.B

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D1-C2 Curriculum CommitteePolicy 5001.D
Development Committee (National) Policy 1250.D
Document Review Committee (National)Policy 8000.B
Donating of Services Policy 0720
Dressage Committee (National) Policy 6001.B
Drugs, use of Policy 0500
Dual Membership Policy 3001
Duties of the Advisory Board Resolution #2
Duties of the Nominating Committee Resolution #3

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Endorsements (National) Policy 7200
Establishment of Funds and Fund Balances (National) Policy 7800
Equine Medications Policy 0525
Excusal of Mount from USPC Activity Policy 0135
Expenses Reimbursment Policy 0700
Eventing Committee (National) Policy 6001.A

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Festival Policy 6007, 5007
National Finance Committee Policy 1250.C
Founders Award Nomination Information Policy 1802, 1802.A
Format of Policies Policy 1710
Foxhunting Committee (National) Policy 6001.C
National Fund Balances (National) Policy 7800
Fund Disbursement (National) Policy 7500

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Games Committee (National) Policy 6001.D
Governance Committee (National) Policy 1250.E

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Heat IllnessPolicy 0127
Helmets Policy 0125.A
Horse Management Committee Policy 8000.C
Horse Management Organizer Policy 3016
Horse Management Organizer Responsibilities Policy 3016.A
Horsemasters Curriculum Committee Policy 5001.L
Horse Mounts Policy 0135
Horse Ownership in USPC Policy 0135

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Inclusion Policy 0110
Instruction Committees Policy 5001
Instruction Council Policy 5000
International Exchanges Committee (National) Policy 6001.E
International Exchanges Policy 6850

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Leadership Education & Support Committee (National)Policy 8000.D
Longevity Award/Club Milestone Award Policy 4901

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Mailing List Access Policy 7250
Medications for horses Policy 0525
Member in Good Standing Policy 1002
Membership Committee (National)Policy 8000.E
Membership in the local club Policy 0110
Membership requirements Policy 1001
Mission Statement Policy 0000
Mission Statement Policy 0000.A
Mounts Policy 0135

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National Activities Committees Policy 6001
National Activities Committees-Rule Changes Policy 6002
National Instruction Committees Policy 5001
National Instruction Committees-Rule Changes Policy 5002
National Testing Committee Policy 5001.F
National Youth Congress/ Academy of Achievement Committee Policy 5001.K
Nominating Committee Duties Resolution #3
National Youth Board Policy 1350
National Youth Board Attendance Guidelines Policy 1350.A

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Official Publication Policy 2750
Organizations in which USPC holds memberships Policy 2020.A
Overseas Visits/International Exchanges/Competitions Policy 6850

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PAC (Program Administration Council) Policy 2122
Parliamentary Authority Policy 1050
Participation in Pony Club activites Policy 0150
Pins, Pony Club Policy 2060
Policies- procedures for a new or revised policy Policy 1700
Policies, Club/Region Guideline Review Committee (National)Policy 8000.A
Policy Committee (National) Policy 1250.A
Policy- format Policy 1710
Polo clinics- helmet requirements Policy 0125.A
Polocrosse Committee (National) Policy 6001.G
Pony Mounts Policy 0135
Procedural Policy Policy 1700
Programs Administration Council (PAC) Policy 2122

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Quiz Committee (National) Policy 6001.F

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RIC (Regional Instruction Coordinator) Policy 3015
Riding Center Program (RCP) Policy 0115
Riding Center Program Administration Policy 3010
Regional Administration Council (National) Policy 8000
Reimbursement of Expenses Policy 0700
Regional Instruction Coordinator (Repeat) Policy 3015
Regional Instruction Coordinator Committee Policy 5001.J
Resolutions Advisory Committee
Nominiating Committee
Rule Changes Policy 5002
Rule Changes Policy 6002

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Safety Policy 0125
Safety Committee (National) Policy 2123
Safety Requirements for helmets Policy 0125.A
Show Jumping Committee Policy 6001.H
Sponsorships and Grants Policy 7190
Staff of USPC, outside employment Policy 2450
Stallions (as mounts) Policy 0135
Standards of Proficiency See  Standards on Forms Page
Standards of Proficiency Policy Policy 5010
Strategic Planning for USPC Policy 0600
Strategic Planning Committee (National) Policy 1250.G
Strategic Planning Policy Policy 0600
Summer Instruction Committee Policy 5001.H
Supplements (equine) Policy 0525

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Teaching nd Testing to the Saandards of Proficiency Policy 5020
Team Concept of Competitive Rallies Policy 6005
Testing-Candidate Certification for Upper Level Testing Policy 5650
Tetrathlon Committee Policy 6001.I
Tobacco, use of Policy 0500
Trademark, USPC Policy 2050
Transfering Members Policy 3002

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United States Cavalry Association Awards Policy 6750
USPC Colors Policy 2055
USPC Guiding Beliefs Policy 0100.A
USPC Instructional Material Policy 2650
USPC Mission Statement Policy 0000.A
USPC Representation in Horse/Equestrian Groups Policy 20202020.A
USPC News Policy 2750
USPC Trademarks Policy 2050

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Veterinary Care + Equine Medication Policy 0525
Volunteer CommitteePolicy 1250.I
Volunteer Recognition Awards Policy 1801.A, 1801.B

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Wearing USPC Pins Policy 2060
Whistle BlowerPolicy 0730, 0730.A
Wording of USPC Policies Policy 1710.A
Written Test Committee Policy 5001.I

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