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Promoting Pony Club
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Looking to promote your club or center?  Look no futher, below find collections of different ideas and materials to help you promote Pony Club.  Have a question - talk with our Communications Director.

Clubs and Centers are entitled to 50 brochures each year upon request.  In addition, back issues of USPC News are often available for you to distribute.  Conact us and let us know what you need - we'll be happy to help! 


Articles On Pony Club

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Articles from different publications talking about Pony Club.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
A Lifetime of Knowledge-Growing Up With Pony Club PDF (816.52 KB)  more ] Administration 10/31/2010
Membership Drive Guide PDF (181.23 KB) Administration 9/7/2012
How to Host a Pony Club Open House PDF (80.26 KB) Administration 10/31/2010
How to Put Together a Booth Display PDF (416.33 KB) Administration 9/20/2013
Pony Club vs. High School Absences PDF (217.59 KB) Administration 10/31/2010

Brochures, Posters and Promotional Items

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
NEW! 8 Promotional Posters PDF (9.51 MB) Administration 10/2/2015
Pony Club Brochure Guide to Text PDF (57.38 KB) Administration 1/7/2015
E-membership Flyer PDF (860.58 KB) Administration 2/18/2013
Bookmark - Membership PDF (129.68 KB)  more ] Administration 1/7/2015
Riding Center Brochure PDF (225.03 KB) Administration 1/7/2015

Discipline Banners

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There are eight Discipline Banners (17” x 72”) available in a pdf format. These are very large files (5000 and 6500 KB) and need to be output on a large format printer. You may want to contact a professional vendor to print these banners. You can give your vendor a link to these files.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Dressage PDF (4.85 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Eventing PDF (4.81 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Mounted Games PDF (4.56 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Horsemaster Program PDF (6.34 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Polocrosse PDF (5.6 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Quiz PDF (6.26 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Show Jumping PDF (5.54 MB) Administration 2/9/2011
Tetrathlon PDF (4.5 MB) Administration 2/9/2011

Handouts and Informational Sheets

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Plus 1 Brochure PDF (724.25 KB) Administration 2/27/2015
Available Promotional Items PDF (2.86 MB) Administration 1/25/2016
Pony Club Pledge PDF (24.18 KB) Administration 10/31/2010
USPC Fact Sheet PDF (90.62 KB) Administration 9/20/2013
Alumni Olympians PDF (30.43 KB) Administration 10/31/2010
Activity Sheet PDF (367.7 KB)  more ] Administration 10/31/2010
Coloring Book PDF (4.9 MB) Administration 2/3/2015

Pony Club Logo

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Please select the appopropraite logo design for use by your club, center or region.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Use of Pony Club logo information PDF (551.01 KB)  more ] Administration 2/3/2015
Pony Club with color bar JPG (1.7 MB) Administration 2/21/2012
Stacked (Square) Pony Club Logo JPG (33.19 KB) Administration 1/28/2014
Pony Club - one color (blue) JPG (1.17 MB)  more ] Administration 2/21/2012
Pony Club - full color JPG (1.4 MB) Administration 2/21/2012
Pony Club Pin with shadow JPG (700.26 KB) Administration 2/21/2012
Pony Club Slogan JPG (1.28 MB) Administration 2/21/2012

Press Releases

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
How to Write a Press Release PDF (272.47 KB) Administration 1/8/2015
Certification - Fill in the blank DOC (2.01 MB)  more ] Administration 7/16/2012
Championships - Fill in the blanks DOC (2.01 MB)  more ] Administration 7/16/2012

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