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Pony Club Project Fair
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Project Fair
Instructions & Information

Project Fair
Online Entry Registration 
Deadline Dec.15

Project Fair Flyer

Thank you to our Judges: Dr. Chris Wickliffe, Nicole Ingrassia, and Travis Leonard

Competition Categories

Research Projects:

Competitors use experimental design to test a hypothesis. The subject of research can be anything related to horses and/or Pony Club. Research results should be presented on a poster board or tri-fold presentation board and may include samples of materials used in the experiment. The posters will be displayed at the annual meeting. 

There will be two competition categories: oral presentation (competitors must be present) and visual presentations.   

Video Projects:

Competitors create an educational or promotional video. The video should be 10 minutes or less and may cover any topic related to Pony Club. For example, a competitor might create an educational video on making equine first aid kits or a promotional video on the value of joining a Regional Youth Board. Videos may be submitted via flash drive or DVD and will be presented at the annual meeting on a laptop computer for public viewing.   

Fine Arts Projects:

Competitors submit horse or Pony Club related art projects, poetry or short stories. Depending on the number of submissions in each age group, sub-categories may be created for prose, poetry, painting/drawing and/or sculpture. All submissions will be displayed for view at the annual meeting.   

Judging Criteria  

Research Projects:

  • Required elements–
    • Introduction Hypothesis (what you thought would happen)
    • Materials and Methods (what you used and what you did)
    • Results (what actually happened
    • )Discussion/Interpretation of Data (what do your results mean? Could there be any reasons that the results are not accurate?)
    • Conclusion (Summarize your study. Does this bring up ideas for future research?)
    • Resources used (Provide references for any information you found in books, on the internet, etc.)
  • Relevance to Pony Club
  • Originality and importance of research topic Quality of work
  • Visual Presentations: quality and clarity of visual display
  • Oral Presentations: Knowledge of topic, clarity and quality of presentation and discussion  

Video Projects:

  • Required elements-
    • 10 minutes or less
    • Provides education or promotes an element of Pony Club
  • Relevance to Pony Club
  • Importance of subject matter
  • Originality and creativity
  • Quality of work  

Fine Arts Projects:

  • Required elements
    • May use any medium that can be displayed at the Annual Meeting (sculpture, painting, drawing, short story, photography etc.)
  • Relevance to Pony Club Importance of subject matter
  • Originality and creativity
  • Quality of work

Competition Division


All competitors will receive a ribbon or award.  

Categories may be collapsed or expanded, depending on number of entries.

For competitors not present, entries and awards will be returned via mail (with some limitations  depending on the size of the entered project).

  • 8 and under. Individual competitors age 8 or younger on 1/1/2014
  • 10 and under. Individual competitors age 10 or younger on 1/1/2014
  • 13 and under. Individual competitors age 13 or younger on 1/1/2014
  • 17 and under. Individual competitors age 17 or younger on 1/1/20
  • 14 and older. Individual competitors age 18-25 on 1/1/2014
  • Horsemasters.
  • Teams. Two to five members of any age (under 25)



  1. Register for competition online - click here. DEADLINE - December 15
  2. Do your project!
  3. Get your project to the Annual Meeting:
    • Bring your project with you to the Convention Center
    • Mail to:  Carla Gerber, PO Box 154, Brownsville, OR 97327

**For competitors not present, entries and awards will be returned via mail (with some limitations  depending on the size of the entered project). 


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