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Head Injury/Concussion
Report Form

 Policy 0128 was update to allow Pony Club Members to wear a Medical Bracelet in lieu of the Medical Armband effective January 1, 2015.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Safety Booklet

This booklet is written for DC/CAs, RSs, Rally Organizers, Mounted Meeting coordinators, and parents, but should be helpful to all Pony Club members and volunteers. Use these guidelines as you begin your planning for successful mounted and unmounted meetings, Rallies, and clinics.


Volunteer Safety Training


Learn more about the signs and treatment for both concussions and heat illnesses by going through the Training Modules designed by the CDC.  Highly recommended for all Pony Club leaders, parents, volunteers and members.

  YOUTH Protection Starts with YOU!

Click here to learn about Pony Club's Youth Protection policy and procedures.  Print out the Youth Protection flyer.


Message from the Safety Committee

Since the founding of the United States Pony Clubs, it has been a leader in incorporating safety in all aspects of horsemanship. The mission of the USPC Safety Committee is to continue this dedication to safety and responsibility into perpetuity by the following:

  • Combining the best practices of safe, responsible horsemanship from all authorities with the equestrian sports and adding the model of Behavioral Safety Science methodologies. 
  • Intervening where it is appropriate in the event of unsafe acts or conditions, and teaching the reasoning behind the intervention to develop an understanding of why. 
  • Instill safety as a responsible behavior while striving to minimize the number of accidents incurred.

While recognizing that equine sports are inherently dangerous and accidents will occur, it is the joy of partnering with the horse and the 'field' that makes Pony Club Members horsemen.

Safety Committee 


Incident Reports

Submit an Incident Report

The Accident Report has been renamed to the Incident Report. This is important because of how we look at how to improve safety. An incident happens anytime something unplanned occurs. The more information we gather regarding any incident, the better we will understand what contributing factors are. Where do incidents happen? Who is involved? Why did they occur?

Incident reports DO NOT effect the experience rates of insurance costs. On the contrary, the more we show our commitment to safety by tracking, understanding, learning, and teaching from the information we gather the greater the potential to reduce our rates.

We want to gather as much information about an incident as we can and from as many different perspectives as possible. We ask that when incidents occur (and they will) as many people as possible who witnessed the incident would take the time to report their version. This is our greatest learning tool and will help us better understand risky behaviors and how to prevent them.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute and 'May safety be with you'.

What's New in Safety

Safety Resources

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