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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents
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The Pony Club Program

Joining Pony Club

Parent Involvement


A Day of a Pony Club Dad


The alarm goes off

It's 5 a.m.

I can't believe so


My butt is draggin'

My back is sore

I could have slept

‘til noon

No time to eat

Grab some coffee

I'm off on another


Fill water buckets

Feed some grain

Give all a flake of


Muck out the stall

Roll up the wraps,

So much fun

I've never had…

But I wouldn't trade it

For anything,

It's true…

I'm a Pony Club Dad

My bank account is

All but gone,

My car is all worn


But the horse trailer

Sure is lookin' good

That's what it's all


My boots are stinky

Just like the barn,

My jacket's lookin'


But I wouldn't trade it

For anything.

Cause I'm a

Pony Club Dad.


Jon L. Babbitt, 1998


Questions About the Pony Club Program:
How often does the club/center have meetings?

This varies by club and center. Many clubs/centers have one mounted meeting and one unmounted (or dismounted) meeting each month. Some clubs/centers meet weekly. During unmounted meetings members learn about feeding, shoeing, veterinary care, and other areas of horse management. Under adult supervision, the more experienced Pony Club members instruct and assist younger members.

How old does my child have to be?

There is no national minimum age for joining Pony Club, but some clubs, centers and regions have set a minimum age. Youth may remain in Pony Club through December 31st of the year in which they turn 25.

What if there's not a Pony Club in my area?

You may request a brochure about starting a local Pony Club from the USPC National Office. Or facilities operating a lesson program may request a brochure about starting a Pony Club Riding Center.

Does my child need to take riding lessons in addition to Pony Club?
Most members take riding lessons in addition to Pony Club. The Pony Club program was designed to be a supplement to any other formal individual training a member is receiving.

Questions About your Child Joining Pony Club:
How does my child join Pony Club?
Youth join USPC by becoming a member of a local Pony Club or a Riding Center. A club is a group of parents and other adult volunteers who have gotten together to administer the Pony Club program to the youth in their area. Typically a member needs to have his or her own mount, or access to a mount in order to join a club and get the most out of the program. A center is an equestrian facility that has been recognized by USPC to administer the Pony Club program to its clients and others in the area. Typically a center is able to provide a pony or horse for their members.  Learn more about clubs.   Learn more about centers.
How much does it cost to join Pony Club?
When a child joins Pony Club, they are a member of the National Organization, USPC, a Region (a geographic collection of clubs), and a local club or center. Membership is through December 31. Members will pay:
National Dues: $130 for a new membership, $110 for a renewing membership
Regional Dues: Set by each region, be sure to ask the club/center you are interested in joining
Local Dues: Set by each club and center, be sure to ask the club/center you are interested in joining
Do we have to own a horse or a pony?

Ownership of a horse or pony is not required for membership, but arrangements for a suitable mount must be made on an individual basis. (Stallions are unsuitable mounts for Pony Club activities. Horses and ponies must be at least five years of age for USPC activities). Please note: The first year is considered to be January 1 following date of foaling.

In order to join a club, typically a member needs to have his or her own mount, or access to a mount. However, most centers are able to provide a pony or horse for their members.

What if we don't own a horse trailer?

Trailer and trailering requirements are determined by the local club or center.

What kind of clothes does my child need?

USPC is committed to safety. It is a membership requirement that Pony Club members wear a riding helmet meeting the ASTM/SEI standard when attending mounted meetings. Parents should be prepared to purchase this item and the minimum basic riding equipment, such as jodhpurs, paddock boots, etc. Once again, for more information please contact the local club/center.

Questions About Parent Involvement:
Do parents have to "know” horses?
No, they don't need to "know" horses, but they will be involved.
What are the expectations for parents in Pony Club?
Pony Club is a volunteer run organization.  Parents involvement in Pony Club at all levels, locally, regionally and nationally is what makes the Pony Club program a success.  At the local level, clubs are administered by the parents and other adult volunteers in the area. Therefore parents play an important role in the club. Centers are administered by a facility, but many still rely on their parents to assist in the program. Parents should ask any club or center they are thinking of having their child join about the expectations for the parents in the club or center.
As your child progresses in Pony Club, more opportunities for you to volunteer will become available. 
There are many areas in which parents are needed, not all of which require equine knowledge. Parents may share one of many roles within the club or center such as club/center leader, chaperone, webmaster, camp organizer, jump judge, or assist in activities, events and fund-raisers.Let the club or center leader know of your specific skills, talents or interests, such as carpentry, photographing, writing, accounting, event planning, or even just being a "Jack or Jill of all Trades" and your time availability.   That way they can find an activity or job that best suits you.

Find a club or center in your area!

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