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Center Administrator Resources
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NOTE: We are transitioning to our new website, which can currently be found at  secure.ponyclub.org (no www in front). Please visit and direct your new center leaders to the new site. Once sign in on the site and you will find a link to the Club/Center Resource page on your Profile in the “My Stuff” section or you can also access the page under “Parent/Volunteers”, “Resources”, “Club/Center." 


Welcome to the CA Resource Site! This is a place for CAs and other center volunteers to get easy access to documents used most often, general information, and answers to frequently asked questions. All to assist you in the administration of the Pony Club program. Thank you for taking on this job!

Membership Materials Insurance DC-CA Guide (version Feb 2014)
Certificate Information
Program Materials
Year End Packet
Best Practices Promotional Materials
Pony Club FAQs


The DCdigest is an email group for club and center leaders to ask questions and share information on the Pony Club program. In addition, many important announcements and reminders are shared by the National Office on this digest. Be sure that you or another center volunteer is signed up to receive this digest!

NEW!! CAdigest - This email group is just for Center Leaders and is a place where CA and ACAs can share ideas and discuss the challenges that are unique to the Pony Club Riding Center structure.  Click here to join today!

Center Membership Materials:
 2016 Membership Application- use for members joining on or after Sept. 1, 2015
Other Forms

List of Locations/ Insurance Materials:
Includes: Accident Claim Form & Instructions, Incident (formerly accident) Report Form, Adult Volunteer Verification Form, General Activity Release for USPC Non-Members, and Optional Medical/ Accident Application


 DC-CA Guide- This is a comprehensive manual designed to assist DCs and CAs in the administration of their club or center and the Pony Club program. This is the FIRST place a DC or CA should turn to when they have a question. If the answer cannot be found in the Guide, then the RS should be contacted. 

The 2014 revised DC-CA Guide has information that pertains to both the Registered Club and the Riding Center Program, as well as information that is specific to each. It is an interactive guide with many internal links that will take the user to a specific section of the guide, as well as numerous external links to web sites and documents on the internet. The DC-CA Guide may be downloaded, which will maintain the integrity of the links, or purchased from the Shop Pony Club. The information in the DC-CA Guide is based on the Policies, By-Laws (club, regional, and national) of USPC. While the Regional Administration Committee works hard to keep the DC-CA Guide up to date with at least yearly revisions, keep in mind that the Policies and By-Laws always supersede any information found in the Guide.

DC/CA Guide
Full 2014 version

Replacement Pages
to 2013 version
if printed single sided

Replacement Pages
to 2013 version
if printed double sided



Certification Information - Centers are responsible for providing testing opportunities for their members at the D-1 through C-2 levels. Centers should anticipate offering certificate tests twice a year, or more often if warranted by the progress of the members.
Information on member requirements to test are found at the end of each level of the Standard of Proficiency. This includes information on how long a child needs to be a member before testing, if mounts may be shared at that level, and other expectations and requirements.

Program Materials:
Don't forget to check out all the discipline and other pages found under "Resource Pages" in the title bar. In particular, check out the Instruction Page!
2014 Annual Meeting Presentation from the VP of Activities on the offered Activities in Pony Club - a great way to review all the things that your members can get involved with through the multiple disciplines offered in Pony Club!

Review the 
FAQs on Pony Club Activities.  Topics covered include: Chaperons & Driving, Certification vs Competition Levels, Medical Card & Armbands, Mounts, Sharing of Mounts, Coaches, Exceptions & Exemptions, Rallies, Saddlery & Tack, Rallies within a Recognized Event/Affidavits, and Attire.


Center Year End Packet


Directions to Online Member Renewals & Year End Packet Submission

Every fall every center is required to report the activities of the past year and to make appointments for the administration of the center for the upcoming year. In addition, the packet include membership materials for new and renewing members.


The Year End Packet and Membership renewal may now all be done online through the new center record.  (See top of page for details.)  Clubs and Centers are encouraged to complete any and all parts of the packet online, but if your center wishes to submit a hard copy and have not yet received the packet in the mail, you may do so by printing out the materials.  Click here to access.

Best Practices for Centers
How do you offer the Pony Club in your center?  What has worked for you?  What have you learned?  Don't be shy - share your experiences and ideas that have worked for you.  Idea sharing is great way help others and to learn yourself!  


Best Practices - Good Choice Farm Pony Club Riding Center

Do you  have some Best Practices you'd like to share?  Please write them up and submit them to the Riding Center Liaison for review by the Riding Center Committee and potential inclusion on this page for other CAs and Center Leaders to access.


Center Promotional Materials:
USPC has created a multitude of materials that can be used for the promotion of your center. This includes: posters, flyers, articles, and brochures. Click here to access these materials.

Frequently Asked Questions- There is a lot to learn in Pony Club, from questions on memberships to going to Championships. The FAQ page on the Web site will hopefully help you find the answers to your questions, or, if not, guide you to the appropriate person to contact.

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