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Frequently Asked Questions on National Level Testing
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I took the First Aid course last year; do I need to take it again?

Are online First Aid Courses accepted?

How do I apply?

What constitutes a complete application?

Can I change test sites?

If I'm unable to take the test, can my fees be applied to the next year?

Why didn't I get my first choice for a test site?


If you have additional questions, please contact the Testing Coordinator
at the National Office
(859) 254-7669 ext. 234.


I took the First Aid course last year; do I need to take it again?

Check the back of your certification card to see if it states an expiration date. Most courses are good for 3 years, but you can always check with the group that certified you to see how long their certifications are current.


Are online First Aid courses accepted?



How do I apply?

Discuss with your DC/CA your interest in testing at the H-B, C-3, B, H-HM/H/H-A and A level. Review the General Testing Information and the specific requirements/information for the level you are interested in.  Check the National Level Test Schedule for tests being offered in your area.

You will need to submit your application online with your testing fee by the application deadline.  All application deadlines are 12 weeks prior to the test to which you are applying. Please refer to the online testing schedule for application deadlines.

Your RS will be verifying with the National Office that you are a Member in Good Standing and eligible to test.

If applying after deadline, you must receive approval from the National Testing Chair in addition to submitting the $100.00 late fee.

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What constitutes a complete application?

A vital part of taking a National Test is the application.  Now that the application is completed electronically, it is not considered complete and will not be processed unless filled out in full, payment is received, and any additional requirements are met. 

For H-HM/H/H-A candidates: a current COPY of your First Aid card must be submitted.


Can I change test sites?

Yes. However, you must fill out the online change of site request form and submit electronically the $50.00 fee. Only one change of test site is allowed and no site changes will be allowed after 3 weeks prior to the test. Exceptions may be made by the National Testing Chair, but only in unusual circumstances. Important to remember is that change site candidates are not eligible for a refund.

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If I’m unable to take the test, can my test fees be applied to the next year?

No, test fees are not carried over into the next year. Any applicable refunds will be issued, if you cancel from a test following the proper procedure. It is the candidates’ responsibility to notify the National Office, RS and test organizer immediately of a cancellation. No one will be removed from a test until the National Office receives the notice of cancellation in writing by letter, fax, or e-mail.

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Why didn't I get my first choice for a test site?

The National Test schedule is TENTATIVE until all applications are received and candidates are placed in the test.  If the minimum numbers are not met for a test, the test cannot be held.  In addition, if a particular test is oversubscribed, candidates from that region have priority for that test.  Any additional spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis, so the earlier you submit your application the better chance you will have of getting into your first choice test.  It is very important to select up to three sites that will fit into your schedule, so that we can assign you to another site if your first choice is not available.  Candidates are not guaranteed their first test site choice.


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