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Club and Region Treasurer Resources
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NOTE: We are transitioning to our new website, which can currently be found at  secure.ponyclub.org (no www in front).  Once sign in on the site and you will find a link to the NEW Treasurers Resource page on your Profile in the “My Stuff” section or you can also access the page under “Parent/Volunteers”, “Resources”, “Club/Center.”

Thank you for taking on the role of Treasurer for your local club or region.  Your work in making Pony Club a success for your members is appreciated.

Please find below information and materials to assist you in your position as Treasurer.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Director, or the Director of Regional Administration and Member Services.


Pony Club Forms and Documents

IRS Forms

Additional Forms & Materials

Non-Profit Status

Training Resources

Job Description



Beginning in 2012, any individual serving in the position of Treasurer for a club or region MUST complete a criminal background check.  Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions for Background Checks for additional information and for the link to complete your background check

Because treasurers have important responsibilities in handling club and regional funds, the treasurer background check will include a Federal District Court search which detects financial crimes in addition to our regular risk factors. Be sure you choose the link specifically for TREASURERS ONLY.


Click to join uspctreasurerdigest


Join the USPC

The USPC Treasurers Digest is an email group for club and regional treasurers to ask questions and share information. In addition, many important announcements and reminders are shared by the National Office on this digest. Be sure that you or another club officer or volunteer is signed up to receive this digest!

Users new to Yahoo! will first need to register by setting up a UserID and Password with Yahoo! Please follow the instructions to submit your request and adjust your account settings.


Pony Club Financial Forms and Documents

Cash and Receipts Disbursement FormTo be filed with USPC by February 15th for the previous year.  To use this form as a fillable PDF:

1) SAVE to your computer.

2) Complete the form.

3) Save to your computer again.

Once completed you may either 1) Upload to your club or region's online record, using the link "Access/View Club/Region Documents", 2) Email it as an attachment to the Finance Director, or 3) Mail it to the National Office. Note: An Income Statement and Balance Sheet if using a computerized accounting program is acceptable in lieu of the form.

IRS Letter of Determination (501c3) for The United States Pony Clubs, Inc.

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IRS Information and Forms

1099 and W-9 Alert

For all IRS form, please visit the IRS web site and then search by the form number
in order to access the current form.

W-9 Form: Must be completed and signed by anyone to whom your club or region paid a fee.  The completed form is to be retained by the club/region.  Do not send to the IRS or USPC.

1099-MISC: Must be prepared for each individual for whom your club or region paid $600 or more in the previous calendar year.  W-9 Form must be completed by the individual in order for you to then prepare your 1099-MISC.  The 1099-MISC is to be given or sent to each individual no later than January 31.

Summary Form 1096: One copy to be sent to the IRS along with a copy of all the 1099-MISC forms that have been completed.  The due date for filing these forms is February 28.


Additional Forms & Materials

Through the digest for Treasurers many of you are sharing documents and forms that you have found helpful.  For future reference (and future Treasurers!) below are materials that may come in handy.  (Additional materials to come.)

Ledger Example

Peer Review Audit Presentation

Peer Review Audit Report Form




Maintaining Non-Profit Status

Thanking donors - all gifts, financial or in-kind, must be acknowledged by letter to the donor. 
Sample letters

Accounts for Individual Members - Individual accounts, gifts to and fundraising for individuals is prohibited.  
Notice concerning individual accounts


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Additional Information & Training Materials


Treasurer Job Description

Club Treasurer
as defined by the Club By-laws 2.2 (b)

Treasurer. The Treasurer of the Club shall not be the District Commissioner, a Joint District Commissioner or a member of the family of any of these officers.The Treasurer shall be responsible for (i) collecting dues and fees that constitute the Club’s income, (ii) making disbursements to pay the Club’s expenses, (iii) examining the validity of expenses incurred, (iv) keeping accurate records of the Club’s funds, (v) preparing financial statements in accordance with these By-Laws, (vi) filing any necessary tax forms, and (vii) performing other assigned duties.

Regional Treasurer
as defined by the Regional By-laws 2.2 (b)

Treasurer. The Treasurer of the Region shall not be the Regional Supervisor, a Vice Regional Supervisor or a member of the family of any of these Officers.The Treasurer shall be responsible for (i) collecting dues and fees that constitute the Regional income, (ii) making disbursements to pay the Regional expenses, (iii) examining the validity of expenses incurred and tracking compliance with the budget, (iv) keeping accurate records of the funds,(v) preparing financial statements in accordance with these By-Laws, and (vi) performing other duties as assigned by the Regional Supervisor and Vice Regional Supervisor.


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