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Welcome to the Polocrosse Web Pages!
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Top 10 Reasons
PC Members Should
Play Polocrosse
by: Glenn B. V

10. Fun for Spectators to watch!

9. Develops partnership with horse

8. Teaches rider balance and adjustability

7. Improves eye hand coordination

6. Horses learn to work quicker off the aids

5. It's a TEAM sport (teaches sportsmanship)

4. International traveling & playing opportunities

3. Camaraderie of Polocrosse community

2. Horse Sport for ALL (not just a bunch of girls) for the players, horses & spectators

 and the #1 reason


.... Fun, Fun, Fun!




Polocrosse had great time at the 2012 Championships.  Read in the NEWS section below for standings and special awards. Click here for full Championship results. 

USPC Polocrosse team plays at the 2011 Polocrosse World Cup! Click here for full details about thier final games.

Be on the lookout for full updates on how the summer is going for polocrosse in Pony Club in the fall newsletter.

 Stay up-to-date on Polocrosse activities by visiting the Polocrosse blog!

You can contribute to our Polocrosse web pages by sending in articles, pictures and comments.  Please submit your materials for consideration and the Polocrosse Committee will review.

Grace in the St. Augustine Pony Club


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Pony Club Polocrosse News


2014 APA Youth Development Program U16 Team 
All Current or Former Members of Pony Club!

Charlie C.  Cedar Knob Pony Club  MidSouth Region 
Beacher C.  St. Margaret's Pony Club  Maryland Region 
 Kate L. Moore County Pony Club  Carolina Region
 Kat L. Moore County Pony Club Carolina Region 
 Sara R. Dune Riders Pony Club Lakeshore Region 
 Bobby S. Moore County Pony Club Carolina Region 
 Emma S. Marlborough Pony Club  Capital Region
 Callie W. Wekiva Basin Pony Club  Sunshine Region

The Youth Development Program is a program designed to support the youth of the sport ranging in age from 7 to 20.  The exchange program gives the youth an opportunity to prepare for international competition along with the chance to be ambassadors of their country.  The criteria used to determine which youth make the international team are not only based on polocrosse skills, but on leadership, ethics and other traits that would make a good ambassador of the sport and for our country. 

The U16, U21 and the World Cup squads will meet in Alabama at Tennessee Valley Polocrosse Club in July for the Quadrangular Invitational.  This event will allow the U16 members to play together as a team to prepare them for their test matches in Australia later in July. 


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2010 USPC Policy Change for Helmets

New wording in RED

Policy #0125

1. When mounted (except when vaulting or participating in polo and polocrosse) all Pony Club members must wear properly fitted and securely fastened equestrian helmets that comply with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard.

4. When mounted for a USPC-sponsored polocrosse instruction clinic or competition, either of the following must be worn:
1. A helmet meeting the ASTM Standard and or bearing the SEI seal,
2. A helmet with a facemask that meets the National Governing Body's (American Polocrosse Association) criteria for safety equipment.

The American Polocrosse Association's(APA) Rule for helmet is as follows:

The APA requires that all players wear a helmet that is designed for equestrian use. Players must wear a helmet that is certified as complying with the European (EN), British (PAS), North American (ASTM), Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZ), or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) testing standards for helmets used for equestrian activities.

** Please note that this helmet rule change for USPC sponsored polocrosse instruction, clinic or competition is now an option and not a requirement. **

Picture of example of allowed helments.

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