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Brookfield Conservation Award: The Brookfield Conservation Award is named in honor of the historic Brookfield Farm near Lexington, KY. The original parcels of Brookfield were received from the British monarchy in the late 1700s. In 2000 Brookfield was placed in the Bluegrass Conservancy by its owners, Betsy and Jack van Nagell. The Brookfield Conservation Award rewards efforts for the promotion of land conservation through member, club or regional dedication and hard work. Applicants may be a club, region, or individual, and up to two $500 awards may be given yearly. The deadline for submissions is November 1st. Click here for full award guidelines and criteria.
Congratulations to the 2014 Brookfield Conservation Award recipients!  Click on their names to read their submissions -  Nila Venkat, Middle California Region and Woodbrook Hunt Pony Club
Fox Hunting Writing Contest: The Hildegard Neill Ritchie Writing contest is open to all D and C Pony Club members in good standing, whether they have hunted or not. The entry may be a short story, poem, song or essay on any aspect of Foxhunting. The winning entries will be published in USPC News and in The Chronicle of the Horse. The winning submissions will receive a cash prize to be spent on Foxhunting dues, hunt capping fees, Pony Club camp or anything related to these activities. Click here for full details. Deadline for submissions is May 1.  Read the 2012 top submissions: 1st Place, 2nd Place, Tie: 3rd Place, 3rd Place
Live Oak Hounds Challenge: A way to encourage clubs and their members to become involved in the sport of Foxhunting. Clubs who get the most members who have not hunted before, or have hunted on a limited basis, to participate in three or more hunts during the season are awarded cash prizes. Click here to access full details on the Challenge. The Challenge runs September 1 thru March 30.
USPC Flash Teamwork Award: Kathy Aranosian (owner of Flash, the USPC 50th Anniversary Breyer Model) is sponsoring a yearly contest, for which she will supply a perpetual trophy, to encourage the kind of teamwork generated by her club when they were writing about Flash. Entries must be postmarked by October 15th. Click here for contest rules.

Artwork Contest: Submit your artwork for the USPC Helmet Awareness Campaign Poster Contest today.

The poster artwork design should convey the concept of why it is important to wear a helmet every time you ride.  The Overall Contest Goal is to educate the equestrian community (regardless of discipline) to wear a helmet every time you ride.

Contest deadline is October 27, 2014.  The winning poster will be displayed and distributed at the Annual Meeting. It will also be available for download from the website for all members and leaders to display in barns, tack shops, feed stores, and even your room.  In addition, the winner will receive a helmet or body protector of their choice from Charles Owen.
  • Use one 8-1/2 X 11 sheet of white paper per entry, with high resolution 300 dpi or better
  • Use up to four colors (Fine point sharpies work the best)
  • Use the entire sheet of paper
  • Sign the artwork (and be sure your name, address, phone number, email, certification, age and club/center name is printed on the back)
  • Contest will be open to all active Pony Club members
  • Send artwork to Art Contest-Safety Committee, USPC, 4041 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, Kentucky 40511 or email to the Safety Committee by October 27, 2014

Research Fair

Have you ever looked at your horse and said "I wonder why…?” Is there something you always wanted to learn about your horse? Now you have an excuse to spend time with your best four-legged friend, satisfy your curiosity and educate your fellow Pony Club members. Participate in the Pony Club Research Fair Competition, which is held every year during the Annual Meeting, typically in January

Come up with an idea and test it out! Ask your veterinarian, DC/CA or RIC for help in coming up with ideas. There are no dumb ideas! No project is too small. Pony Club members at all levels can participate. Experimental based projects are highly encouraged. However, literature research-based projects will also be accepted.

Click here for the 2014 Research Fair results held at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Art Fair

This year at the 2015 in conjunction with the Research Fair an Art Fair was also held for the artistically inclined members of all ages!  Congratulations Shannon C., who came in as the Overall Grand Prize Winner with her "Paddock Boot" sculpture!  

Winners by subject and category:



14 and under – Olivia C. for “Boots and a Shoe”

15 and older – Zoe H. for “Molly”


10 and under – Scott C. for “Jrs Rockin Pony Club”

17 and under – Callie R. for “Making Progress”


13 and under – Ashley B. for “My First Pony”

17 and under – Emily KS for “The Jump”

18 and over – Gina SK for “The Canter”


Shannon C.  – “Paddock Boot”

DRAWING: (includes drawing, painting, pastel)

10 and under – Alaina M. for “pencil drawing”

13 and under – Priscilla H. for “horse jumping”

17 and under – Caitlin R. for “Pirourette”

18 and older – Gina KS – “Curiosity”

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