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Required Equipment for Rally: Utility Kit
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Pony Club teams need to be prepared to deal with many situations when they arrive at rally. The Utility Kit is stocked with items that would help them repair stall boards, hang water buckets, post notices, loosen stuck doors... the list is endless. Additional items may be included in the kit, such as plastic 'zip-ties' for mounting things that don't need breakaway capability, but the list below is a minimum that must be included.


  • One kit per team
  • Easily accessible
  • Labeling: Everything should be labeled with team name, competitor's name or initials, or competitor number.


  • Should be: a medium to heavy duty all-purpose claw hammer type. 
  • Shouldn't be: a specialty hammer such as a carpenters maul (all wood) or rubber hammer.


  • Should be: heavy duty type and have a distinct head
  • Shouldn't be: lightweight 'panel' type or finish nails. Should not be rusted or bent.
  • Good tip: Include a selection of nails in various sizes and weights. Can be stored in snap top plastic containers labeled with team name.

Screwdriver: Can be either a Phillips head (+ sign tip) or flat head (- sign tip).

  • Should be: medium to heavy duty recommended.
  • Shouldn't be: rusted, bent
  • Good tip: Include both a Phillips head and a flat head screwdriver.


  • Should be: medium to heavy duty
  • Shouldn't be: damaged

Scissors: Can be used for cutting gauze for first aid, bailing twine, ribbons, etc. 

  • Should be: sharp
  • Shouldn't be: dull or broken
  • Good tip: Tie a piece of ribbon or neon landscape tape to the handle and label with team name or initials. It will make it easier to find it if they land in the grass.

Jackknife: In emergency situations when a horse is trapped and needs to be cut free it is important to have a sharp, sturdy knife on hand. A jackknife is considered a solid, reliable and safe form of knife for this purpose. It is vitally important that all Pony Club members know how to use it. The Boy Scouts of America have an excellent program that teaches proper use of jackknives; contact your local troop and ask them to come to your next mounted meeting and teach your group. A good handout on jackknife safety can be found at http://www.scoutxing.com/leadertips/tip027.htm

  • Should be: sharp
  • Shouldn't be: Dull or broken. Heavy-duty X-acto knives, which use retractable, replaceable thin razor blades are not considered a suitable alternative to jack knives because the blades can snap very easily. While the blades are very sharp they dull quickly and are tricky to replace.
  • Good tips: Serrated edged knives cut easier than smooth edge. Make sure all team members know how to close as well as open the knife because they often have tricky latches. Test on piece of bailing twine.
You can watch a Pony Tube video on knife safety for more information.

Leather Punch A leather punch comes in very handy for last minute tack adjustments.

  • Should be: easy to operate
  • Shouldn't be: rusted or broken

Thumbtacks: useful for putting notices up on the notice board, and for Judges to leave notes.

  • Should be: at least one dozen (12) per team.
  • Shouldn't be: dull, rusted or broken
  • Good tip: Larger thumbtacks with colored tops are easier to find if spilled. Thumbtacks can be stored in a small snap-lid plastic container. Mark the container with the team name.

Duct Tape: Duct tape has 1,001 uses.

  • Should be: at least half a roll
  • Shouldn't be: masking tape or cellophane tape
  • Good tip: write team name in permanent marker on the inside of the roll.

Two Pony Club Pins: These are spares in case a team member loses or forgets one. The pin must bear the official  image of USPC (see picture). Official USPC Championship pins with USPC image, discipline and date are acceptable. Colored felt backings, indicating rating, are optional.

  • Should be: clean with working latches or backing.
  • Shouldn't be: Regional or commemorative pins.
  • Good tip: Leave a note in the Utility Kit if they are in use - then return it! Can be stored with the thumbtacks.

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