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Required Equipment for Rallies
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Rallies always bring last minute surprises.
One part of the rally shouldn't be left up to chance: Required Equipment.

(Click on each section for details, or click here for a complete printable version.)

Required equipment is the team's responsibility -- not the parents! Plan a day when everyone can get together and go through the checklist. Penalty points for missing equipment go to the whole team, so everyone needs to pitch in. The only thing worse than getting penalty points for missing equipment is needing something on the list and not having it!

Why does Pony Club have Required Equipment Checklists for rally?

Members are learning how to take care of their horses and ponies when they are away from home. The items in the Required Equipment kits are things every barn should have to take reasonable care of a mount, and include items that you should have with you when you travel away from home with your horse.

The Required Equipment List are included in the Horse Management Handbook. The expectation is that Required Equipment will be brought to rally clean and in good working or usable condition.

The Required Equipment List also reflects what you can expect to need in your barn at home to adequately and safely take care of your horse. Thus, the Required Equipment List should be helpful to those who are becoming first time horse care providers.

Grooming Kit(s)
per mount
- Hoof Pick
- Rub Rag
- Dandy Brush (hard bristles)
- Body Brush (soft bristles)
- Wet Wipes  or 2 sponges marked "dock" and "face"
- Rubber or Plastic currycomb (capable of cleaning brushes)
- Body Sponge
- Scraper
-Wash Bucket- Marked "Wash Only"

Equine First Aid Kit
 per team, easily accessible
- Petroleum Jelly
- Digital Thermometer (or Veterinary Thermometer with Thong & Clip)
- Liniment
- Isporopyl Alcohol
- Antimicrobial or Antiseptic Scrub
- Tropical Antibacterial or Antimicrobial or Antibiotic Agent
- 4" Sterile Wound Dressing
1 Roll Gauze (2" min width)
- 1 lb Roll 12" Absorbent Cotton
- 2 Flexible Stretch Adhesive/ Cohesive Bandage
- Bandage Scissors (capable of cutting bandage)
- 1 Roll Adhesive Tape (1" min width)
- 4 Leg Bandages with Appropriate Padding for 4 Stable Wraps

Human First Aid Kit
per team, easily accessible
sufficient supplies for all team members
- 1 Extra Medical Armband with blank USPC Medical Card
- Band-aids
- Triple Antibiotic Cream
- 3 Pair Latex or Vinyl Gloves
- Sunscreen
- Human Bug Spray

Utility Kit
per team
- Hammer
- Nails
- Screwdriver
- Pliers
- Jack Knife (capable of cutting through rope)
- Leather Punch
- Thumb Tacks
- Duct Tape
- Two Pony Club Pins

Tack Cleaning Kit
per team
- Plain Bar Soap
- Tack Oil or Conditioner
-Saddle Soap
- Metal Polish
- Tack Sponge
- Cleaning Cloths
- Drying Baskets for Sponges
- Boot Hocks (if tall boots are used)
- Boot Jack (if tall boots are used)
Individual Equipment
per competitor
- Rider Numbers
- Saddle Racks
- Bridle Racks (one per bridle)
- Boot Trees for Tall Leather Boots (leg & toe)

Feeding Equipment
for Overnight Rallies Only
per team and/ or mount
- Rider Numbers
- Feed Charts (posted in feed area)
- Feed Measure
( pre-packaged or scale or scoop/ can)
- Appropriate Feed Storage
- Heavy Duty Feed Tub
- Top Off Bucket ( filled &left outside stall at night in tack room or feed room during day)
- Salt Block
(loose salt acceptable; note on feed chart)

Tack Room Equipment
per team
- Team/ Individual Identification
(Posted by entrance)
- Flashlight (hung by entrance)
- Charged Fire Extinguisher-
Type A or ABC (hung by entrance)
- Notice Board
- Trash Container
- USPC HM Handbook & Rules for Rallies (current and complete)
- Discipline Rulebook
(current & complete)

Cleaning Equipment
per team
-Manure Fork or Shovel
- Rake or Broom
- Manure Basket or Wheelbarrow

Extra Equipment
per team
sufficient to fit all team mounts/ members
- 2 Extra Lead Ropes, One w/ Chain Shank
- Halter(s) (adjustable)
- Complete Bridle(s) with Bit(s)
- Girth(s)
- Pair Stirrup Leathers & Irons
- 2 Rubber Boots for Peacock Irons (if peacock irons are used)

Extra Polocrosse Equipment
per team
sufficient to fit all team mounts/members
- Extra Racket
- Breastplate(s)
- 2 Pair Boots or Bandages
- 2 Pair Bell Boots

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