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Lane Generator Program for Mounted Games
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The Lane Generator (Version 2.0) is a self-contained program for PC's that randomly generates Lane Rotations for Games rallies. The program will take any number of teams and any number of lanes, and randomly generates lane assignments. It analyzes its "randomness" to assure this feature after the assignments have been made. The output can be used "as is" (it outputs a file which you name), and further it can be imported into Microsoft Excel in a spreadsheet format. The teams can be assigned numbers by the program, or you can enter the actual team names, and the output will have the same team names. The same is true for the lanes.

This program was designed by two-time USPC Nationals Advanced Champion Chris Clader, and has been utilized to assign the lane rotations for all of the the USPC Championships East since 2001. The program is free, and downloadable. It is self-extracting, requiring no additional program to run it. There is a help file included with the program should you require assistance.


  • IBM-Compatible machine
  • Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT or XP


 Click here to access the file, and then follow the directions below:

  1. Click on "download."
  2. When you get the message to run or save, find and click on the selection for "save as.”  
  3. Browse for where you would like the file to live, or place on your desktop and move to another location later.
  4. Click "save” once you have chosen where to place the in your computer.
  5. This file is safe, but you will get a warning about the file. 
  6. You may close the warning, or click on "run” to bring the program up.
  7. The file is now on your computer for you to access as needed.

Click here for the directions on how the program works and how to use it.

Lane Generator Version 2.0
Created by Christopher T. Clader, C-2 Graduate (Mendon Pony Club, Western New York Region) and Games enthusiast. Chris is also an approved Clinician on the official Pony Club Games Clinicians List.

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