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Unmounted Clinics
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Listed below are a few of the topics and speakers that will be a part of the Unmounted Sessions of Festival Education.  More topics and details will continue to be added, so be sure to visit this page again!

To assist in find the clinics that are of the most relevancy and interest to you, they have been divided into different tracks.  

 D TrackGeneral Track Discipline Instruction
 Upper Level WorkshopsUpper Level Track 

D Track-This track is designed to help the D level members learn the requirements on the D Standard for Horse Management.

ABC of Nutrition:

Matthew Strom, National Examiner

This workshop will cover the basics of feeding principles. An interactive workshop on measure the grain and hay you feed your pony.

Conformation for the D Level 

Dr. Rae Birr, DVM

D Level Trailer Safety

A fun introduction to trailering. Participants will take a trailer ride to see and feel what their ponies are experiencing. Other activities will involve getting the trailer and mount ready for the trip.

Farrier Tools-Types of Shoes and Uses:

Marlie Nauta

Hot shoeing, forging, nailing on, nippers, draw knife. Ever wonder how to distinguish all the parts, tools, and terms of parts, tools and terms of the trimming and shoeing process? This workshop will go over all farrier tools, steps in shoeing, and an introduction to H-B shoeing.

An introduction into the mysterious devices your farrier uses on your pony. What is the difference between a shoe puller and a hoof trimmer? How do they work? How do you know your pony will need shoes? What kinds of shoes do you need? Hand on workshop.

Saddle fitting for the D Level

Kate Wooten

Interactive workshop on identifying the different types of saddles.  How to easily identify if the saddle is a good fit, correct positioning of the saddle with reference to the horse’s particular anatomy. We will discuss how a horse tells you he is unhappy with his saddle. This is a hands on workshop.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Chrissy Theoret

How many teeth are in your horse’s mouth? Why do we “float” teeth? How often do horses need their teeth floated. What are some of the conformation faults in a horse’s mouth? The answers to these questions will be found in this interactive workshop.


Marlie Nauta

This session will cover all requirements for D level tack sections on the D Standards.

Turnout: formal and informal

Marlie Birr

Ever wonder just what to wear? Whether it be a show, a foxhunt, a clinic, a weekly lesson, or just a day at the barn, there are a lot of options for equestrian attire. This workshop will go into the specifics of informal and formal attire, the history behind the two, and what is acceptable for everyday and everything in between.

What is Horse Management

Sedate Kohler

Come learn about Pony Club’s Horse Management expectations from an insider's perspective! This workshop will explain the function of Horse Management learning in Pony Club and how good daily habits will lead to success at your first certification and your first rally. Want to know how to get an exceeds on your formal or make packing for rally as easy as possible? Find out what to expect at each event from examiners, HM assistants, and HM Chiefs.

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General Track

Basics of Equine Nutrition

Eileen Phethean- Kentucky Equine Research

We will explore what the horse needs in their everyday diet and what sources are needed to meet these needs.  We will explore your horse's dietary needs.

Biomechanics and how it Relates to the Pyramid of Training

Lois Yukins-sponsored by USDF

An easy to understand description of the parts of the horse and how they can function most efficiently to be able to handle the training needed to develop a stronger, more comfortable ride whether on the flat or over fences.

Bits:  How do they work?

Gina Miles- sponsored by Professional Choice

Gina will discuss different types of bits and the action on horse’s mouth. What bit is right for your horse?

Equestrian Sports Psychology

Daniel Stewart

An educational, humorous, and upbeat seminar on teaching stress management, goal setting. Positive thinking and visualization techniques that help riders maximize their success, focus, enjoyment, and confidence by teaching them tools that help minimize the stress, nerves, distractions, pressure and performace anxiety so often associated with riding and showing. This seminar proves that mental preparation is just as importantas physical preparation.

Equine Dentistry 

Rood and Riddle

This workshop is an introduction to equine dentistry for the horseman. This workshop will be a lecture using a Powerpoint to educate the horseman on the equine anatomy and function of the horse and to give examples of dental dysfunction and when to intervene with dental procedure.

Equine Emergencies-Haygard Equine Hospital

The equine ambulance from Haygard Equine Hospital will be available for viewing and discussion on how equine emergencies are handled by the veterinarian. How horses are safely transported for acute care to the equine hospital.

Fitness and Focus-Sports Psychology and Rider Boot Camp 

Daniel Stewart

This blended class of Daniel’s ever popular Psychology and Fitness class will cover both topics. Educational, humorous and upbeat seminar teaching stress management, goals setting, positive thinking, and visualization techniques that help riders maximize their success, focus enjoyment, confidence by teaching them tools that help minimize stress, nerves, distractions, pressure, and performance anxiety so often associated with riding and showing. This seminar proves that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation. A unique and active workshop teaching equestrian-specific fitness exercises that help riders identify and solve imperfections in their balance, symmetry, suppleness, core strength, stamina, body awareness and more. Medicine balls, exercise bands, skipping ropes, and a unique balance board designed especially for equestrians will be used to create these amazing exercise that remind riders that we are true athletes.

Five Minute Fixes to Improve Your Jumping

Wendy Murdoch

Need help with your jumping position? In this interactive lecture Wendy will present simple easy ways to improve your jumping in just minutes   

Land Conservation-Where will we ride?

Holly Groshek-ELCR Executive Director

National Examiner Panel

Here is your opportunity to ask a national examiner questions and get feedback.

Parents Survival Guide to Horse Management

Brenda Yike-Chief HM Judge

Parents will be guided through the mysteries of HM. How Pony Club stresses daily safety and good horsemanship. Why it is important to learn and what is the parent’s role.  Learn about certifications and rallies, what they are and what their children are achieving and learning while at these events. Know what the parents can and cannot do to help their children at these events. New parents need to know the correct items for rally kits.

Poisonous Plants

Dr. Rae Birr, DVM

Do you know what's in your pasture? Do you know if any of those pastures can harm your horse? Find the answer in this session.

Rehab and Recovery

Dr. Chris Newton & Kirsten Johnson-sponsored by Theraplate

At some point as horse owners we will be faced with an injury that will sideline your horses's activity. This workshop will focus on the different modalities for rehabilitation and recovery of the sport horse.

Stretching, Core Exercises

Mimi Porter

This workshop will cover stretching and core exercises for your horse as well as acupressure points that will help detect potential lameness long before a problem is evident.

What’s in a Feed Tag

Sponsored by Triple Crown

Do you know what is in that bag of feed that you give your horse? This workshop will discuss how to read that feed tag.

Equine Stretches and Core Exercises

Mimi Porter

This workshop will cover stretching and core exercises for your horse as well as acupressure points that will help detect potential lameness long before a problem is evident.

Saddle Fitting for Upper Level Members

Kate Wooten

Kate is a certified saddle fitter. She will demonstrate saddle fit with an emphasis on safety. How the rider can easily identify whether the saddle is a good fit, correct positioning of the saddle with reference to the horse’s particular anatomy. We will discuss how your horse will tell you that the saddle does not fit.

Safe Trailer Driving Techniques and Tips

Tom Pierson

Pulling a loaded horse can be very different than pulling a boat or camper. For many PC members and parents this can be a very nervous and trying experience. This session will cover the process of pulling a trailer from hitching up, to what to do under various driving conditions and a discussion of safe driving tips. Emergency break downs and long distance hauling will be covered.

Supplements 101

Ashley Donaldson & Mae Krause-presented by SmartPak

A general overview of supplements and how to choose the right supplements for your horse's needs. If you are thinking about giving your horse a supplement or thinking about it, you need to check this workshop out.

Tai Chi for Riders

Maureen Pach, National Examiner

How does your body affect your horse's body? How do you improve your body's effectiveness? This workshop will help you understand how to improve your effectiveness and how it relates to the dressage training pyramid. You will be out of your seat and moving in this workshop.

Transporting Problem Loaders and Problem Horses

Tom Pierson

Loading and hauling unexperienced horses can be dangerous and an expensive experience for the Pony Club family. This demonstration will show techniques and equipment that can be used for loading the problem horse. When to seek professional help will also be discussed.

Understanding Conservation Issues and USPC Conservation Related Issues

Holly Groshek

Do you know what land conservation has to do with Pony Club? Do yo know where you will ride your horse in the near future? These issues are closely related. This session will explore why this important element was added to the USPC Standards and how to complete this requirement.

Vet Box

Gina Miles, National Examiner & Olympic Silver Medalist

Learn from an Olympic Champion what happens in the vet box and insight into the sport of eventing. The ten minute box is the designated recover stage of the Three Day Event. Come and learn about how to prepare for the ten minute box.

What is Horsemasters and how to start a Horsemasters Program?

Susan Poulton, current Horsemasters and Chief HM Judge

Did you know that adults can be in Pony Club and join in the fun? You are never too old to be in Pony Club and miss the fun. Find the answers in this workshop and how adults can be in Pony Club and how to start a Horsemasters program in your club or region.

What the Hay

Eileen Phethean-Kentucky Equine Research

Hay is not all the same. Different types of hay provide different nutrients for your horse. When do you buy hay? What so yo look for when buying and feeding hay? Why do you get it analyzed? This workshop is to help the horse owner understand the different types of hay. What hay does for your horse and type of hay is best suited for your horse.

What to do until the Vet arrives

Sponsored by Hagyard Equine Hospital

Do you know what to do if your horse has an injury or is sick? This workshop will discuss how to recognize and equine emergency, when to call the vet, and what to do until the vet arrives. If you own a horse, you need to know how to handle an emergency.

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Unmounted Discipline Instruction


Susan Poulton, Dalles Lee and Trevor Birr

Have you heard of polocrosse? it is a cross of a polo and lacrosse.  Get up and get going! Learn some of the basics of polocrosse and some of the ball handling skills without the horse in this active workshop.                                                                                                     

So you think polo is only the sport of Kings?  Not so, it is a recognized Pony Club discipline. Ride a mechanical polo horse and take a swing to learn more about this Sport of Kings!


Can you imagine getting on the back of a moving horse and doing acrobatics? Well try it out in this interactive workshop.

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Upper Level Horse Management Certification Workshops

H-B Workshop


Sydney Wilson, National Examiner

This is 2 day workshop that covers the information for the H-B test. Sydney will work through each section helping members to become familiar with the cards used for the H-B test.

H-HM/H/H-A Workshop

Laurie Chapman-Bosco, National Examiner

This is a 2 ½ day workshop to prepare candidates for the H-HM/H/H-A test. Saturday will include bandaging, longeing and teaching. Sunday and Monday will be classroom sessions.

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Upper Level Track


C and Up Trailer Safety

Tom Pierson

This session will be based around the Standards of Proficiency in this area. Clinician will focus on discussion and demonstration on area that the group suggests.

What is Metabolic Syndrome and How to Feed the Metabolic Horse

Dr. Robert Coleman-University of Kentucky

What is metabolic syndrome? What are the symptoms? Dr. Coleman will give you the signs and symptoms of this disorder and how it is treated and feed the metabolic horse.

How to create the perfect conditioning schedule

Sarah Kleintop, National Examiner

This workshop will focus on how to prepare a practical conditioning schedule for the HB test. Participants will be able to ask questions and can bring their own schedule with them for review.

Understanding the Drugs listed on the H-HM/H/H-A Test

Rae Birr, DVM

Dr. Birr will do an in depth look at the drugs covered in the H-HM/H/H-A test. The discussion will include possible indications for use of the required drug class. Understand the possible complications that can result from their use and when a vet should be consulted prior to and during use. Administration and storage of drug. Any management concerns that need to be addressed for a horse on those drug classes.

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