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Welcome to the Dressage Web Pages!
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Pony Club Dressage Activities

Regional Rallies: In a regional rally, teams of Pony Club members from a particular area test their skills without outside help, but with the advice and support of judges and officials. Teamwork, cooperation and high standards are stressed and outside assistance is limited to coaching in restricted situations. Participating in a Regional Dressage Rally or even a local one put on by your club/center or a neighboring club/center is a great way for you to compete on a team, just like they do in the Olympics and other international events! Check out the Pony Club Dressage Rulebook for competition rules.

Pony Club Championships: The USPC National Championships have contestants from all across the country competing in Dressage, Eventing, Mounted Games, Polocrosse, Show Jumping, Tetrathlon and Quiz. Regions will send teams or members for mixed team to compete. Just like in a rally, teams are scored not only on on their success in ring or on the field, but also for their Horse Management. 

Testings to the Standards:  Pony Club Standards of Proficiency in Dressage are available for members to participate in from the D-1 level all the way to the A. The Dressage Certifications are truly specialized in the discipline, and will give you the skills and knowledge to set you up for continued success.Check out the Standards of Proficiency for the Local Levels (D-1 - C-2) and at the National Level (C-3 - A) check out the Standards of Proficiency and other resources and materials for Dressage National Level Certifications.


You can contribute to our Dressage web pages by sending in articles, pictures and comments.  Please submit your materials for consideration and the Dressage Committee will review.


Pony Club Dressage News


Changes for Dressage at Championships 2015

Western Dressage will be offered at Championships East 2015.  Western is one of the new disciplines offered by Pony Club.  Western Dressage falls under the discipline of Western, not Dressage, the Dressage Committee is pleased to help establish the Western discipline by welcoming them into the Dressage Championships experience.  For rules, tests and other information on Western Dressage, please check out the Western section of the Rulebook page.

Quadrille will not be offered as a division in the Dressage Championships this year, but will be an option for competitors for their Freestyle ride.  Over the last 10 years, there as has been only 4 years with 1 or more teams competing in Quadrille.

Costumes will be allowed for Musical Freestyles as well as Pas de Deux and Quadrille Freestyles.  Pony Club approved helmets, footwear, saddle and bridle are required.  Competitors must have the approval of their RS as to the suitability of the costumes.  Please be sure that riders are aware that this is something fun that we are doing for Pony Club, and that it does not apply to recognized competition! 

Click here for the Letter from the Dressage Committee Chair for more information and details on these changes.

Emerging Dressage Athlete Program 2015 Opportunity

USDF Region 6 is holding their youth camp August 11th-14th at DevonWood Farm in Sherwood, Oregon.  This is the sixth year holding the camp, which is open to the first 60 applicants.  Click here for more information on the camp.

A waiting list will be made for additional riders, and they will be admitted to the camp if additional instructors are available. Campers are encouraged to stay for the Region Six USDF Youth Team Championships that are being held immediately following the camp (August 14th-16th at DevonWood.

The camp will be combined with Lendon Gray's Emerging Dressage Athlete Program (EDAP).  Participation in the EDAP requires a separate application.  Although the application is a bit intimidating, and requires video submission, Lendon says, "Everyone should apply!"  This is a phenomenal opportunity for West Coast youth riders who are looking to reach the next level.  Click here for more information.


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