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USPC Disciplines
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USPC's mission is to teach children to ride safely on the flat, in the open and over fences, and to be able to effectively take care of their mount. This leans towards the riding disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. However, Pony Club also offers instruction and competitive opportunities in other disciplines that encourage those riding skills and enhances horse knowledge. Below is a general description of each of the disciplines that Pony Club members may participate in.
Dressage is the art of improving your horse, making him more supple in his movements, a joy to ride and beautiful to watch. He must be a willing partner with a good mental attitude, willing to learn and wanting to please. Competitions are held at many levels, beginning with Walk-Trot and Training Level, and continuing through nine levels to Grand Prix.  Visit the United States Dressage Federation for more information and check out the Pony Club Dressage site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunities in the discipline of Dressage.
Eventing is the three-phase riding competitions that originated in the cavalries of Europe. These tests were formalized as competitions for military personnel in France in 1902. Today, Eventing tests a horse's versatility to a greater degree than any other equestrian sport, competing in Dressage, Cross-Country, and then Show Jumping. Visit the United States Eventing Association for more information and check out the Pony Club Eventing site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunities in the discipline of Eventing.
Foxhunting – Tally ho! USPC was founded by a group of enthusiastic foxhunters who were familiar with The Pony Club in Britain. Many clubs today are still affiliated with a local hunt and are invited to participate in their hunts. Or clubs may expose members to Foxhunting by holding mock foxhunts. Hunter paces and hunter trials are also ways to introduce members to the sport.  Visit the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America for more information and check out the Pony Club Foxhunting site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunities in the sport of Foxhunting.
Mounted Games are intended to provide reinforcement of riding skills taught in USPC in a more relaxed environment than the formal lesson. As the Games players become more confident, competition becomes a part of the program and adds a new dimension of incentive and excitement. Perhaps the most interesting part of Games instruction lies in the fact that riders seldom realize their riding confidence and skills are improving.  Visit the Pony  Club Games site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunities in Games.
Quiz competition is an unmounted team "quiz bowl” that tests the USPC member's knowledge in several rounds of questions. Some questions are individual questions and some require the input of the whole team. Some of the areas of knowledge that are tested include horse management, health, veterinary care, equitation, hunting, trailering, bitting, spectator sports, rally rules, safety, nutrition, and conformation.  Visit the Pony Club Quiz site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunitites in Quiz.
Polocrosse is a game related to polo but played with a racquet similar to that used in Lacrosse. The game was developed in Australia in the late 1930s, where it has been played with great enthusiasm ever since. Polocrosse offers riders a chance to develop strong self-confidence in their riding ability, especially riding in the open, and to improve their hand eye coordination.  Visit the United States Polo Association for more information on Polo and check out the Pony Club Polocrosse site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunities in the sport of Polocrosse.
Show Jumping originated in the late 18th century as a part of Foxhunting. Show Jumping utilizes physical skills to negotiate a series of obstacles and mental skills to plan the proper approaches to allow the horse to jump the obstacles. Riders must have the ability to ride the course according to plan and, at the national level, the stamina to ride on consecutive days.  Visit the United States Hunter Jumper Association to learn more about Show Jumping and check out the Pony Club Show Jumping site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunities in the discipline of Show Jumping.
Tetrathlon events include swimming, Show Jumping, running, and shooting. The development of Tetrathlon within the USPC has been sought by organizers of the U.S. Modern Pentathlon and U.S. Olympic Committees as a means of developing multi-talented athletes for international competitions.  Visit USA Pentathlon for more information on the sport on which Tetrathlon is based and check out the Pony Club Tetrathlon site for information on Pony Club activities and opportunites in the sport of Tetrathlon.
Vaulting is gymnastics on a moving horse, an ancient sport that had its beginnings in the bull vaulting of the ancient Minoans. It was used in the training of cavalry troops since Roman times, throughout the Middle Ages and into the Twentieth Century. Vaulting became an Olympic event in the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, where the competitors were cavalry teams.  Vaulting is a non-competitive Pony Club activity.  Visit the American Vaulting Association for more information on the sport of Vaulting.

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