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Equine Symposium Workshops
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Workshop Schedule


2016 Horse Management Handbook-Mysteries of Horse Management Explained

Becky Smith and Brenda Yike

Join us to learn about the updates and clarifications to the 2016 HMH.  We will cover the new and clarify the old.  Do you have a curiosity question about why a rule is a rule?  Such as, what do we DO for vet box?  Come ask!  Along with covering the 2016 HMH we will hold an HM Q&A session to help define your queries and offer educational how’s and whys.  Members, parents, educators, officers and everyone else, this one is for you.


A Great Education, Affordable Horse Sport, and Lifelong Friends - Polo's Many Attributes

                Judy Kosanovich

Leaving home for School is an exciting and intimidating life transition. Many Pony Clubbers would love to bring the equine best friends with them, but the costs and the time constraints are prohibitive. There is an affordable option that allows them to continue riding and learning about horses, and at the same time participate in a team sport, make new, like minded friends, and get a great education. The United States Polo Association Interscholastic/intercollegiate Polo Programs are available at over 50 colleges around the country - everywhere from Ivy League Schools to Big 10 Institutions to small Fine Arts Colleges. Each program is structured to the facilities and resources available and no previous polo experience is necessary. Costs vary, but tend to be a few hundred dollars a semester which includes use of horses, equipment, facilities, coaching, and being a part of a team. The experiences and friendships will last a lifetime.  Pony Club parents, consider adding an introductory polo clinic to your club's activity schedule - it is both fun and educational.


ABC’s of Stages of Emotional Development (wait until they’re 13)

                Allison Thurston

The development of an individual from childhood to adulthood depends on the many, necessary developmental stages we pass through in life. Kids experience big changes in their Pony Club years – a time of acceleration in physical development, physiologic change, social pressure and emotions.  The stages of Emotional Development roughly parallel the school levels, from primary school through high school, and include:

  • The age of concrete reasoning (primary school, D’s) where they can kick or steer but not both.
  • The age of abstract reasoning, linking “if” to “then”)
  • The age of parental stupidity, (middles school, Cs), ‘tweens’ or transescence (it’s the horses fault)
  • The Adolescent years, (high school, upper C’s) (You did WHAT?!?)

With practical information for leaders, instructors and parents, this entertaining workshop will explore the very different aspects of each of the stages to help understand age appropriate behavior, abilities and brain growth patterns behind the incredible metamorphosis. Come to learn what is age appropriate instruction and how the USPC's curriculum builds on this, and how to survive the journey.


Amazing Opportunities for the Older Youth Member

                Youth Members

This workshop is geared toward DC/CA/RS and youth who are looking for opportunities for leadership and adventure for the teenage and young adult Pony Club Member.  The National Youth Board, Visiting Instruction Committee, National Youth Congress, International Exchanges and local and Regional Junior Boards have all come together in one place to give you information and insights into how to take advantage of these resources.


Anatomy of the Lower Leg

                Dawn McLane, DVM

This workshop will be an in depth look at the soft tissue and bony structure of the equine lower limb and how they function during exercise.  Types of injuries, their locations and causes will also be discussed. 


Anatomy Room

                Dr. Brad Gordon and Cindy Healy

What better way to learn anatomy of your favorite animal than by seeing actual body parts? Come and join Dr. Brad Gordon and Cindy Healy in the Anatomy Lab for some real hands on experience. Whether you choose to actually handle the specimens or are content just to watch, this workshop is a terrific way to help prepare for certifications. The Anatomy lab will be open all day Friday, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning.


Antidote to Computer Games-Pony Club Games

                Sara Greiling Gardner

Tips for starting games teams in your Club/Center.  Basic training techniques, pony selection, equipment acquisition and team building.  Discussion of adding games to your program to keep members and to recruit new members.  Introduction to games play on the ground and opportunities within USPC for members interested in mounted games. 


Ask the NE-How to Best Prepare for your Upper Level Certification

Laurie Chapman-Bosco, Debra Sue Waters and a panel of National Examiners

If you are planning on taking a USPC National Certification, this is an important workshop for you to attend. This workshop will enable you to ask any question you may have to a panel of National Examiners. We will clarify any inquiries into the on-line application process for Tests and Re-tests as well as explain the resource material available to candidates on the USPC website.


Attracting and Retaining Members in a Digital Age (Website and Social Media)

                Betsy McLeod

This workshop will help clubs, centers and regions tap into social media and online search in order to gain and retain more members. The workshop will deal with club/center website optimization for search, and introduction to relevant social media including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Participants will learn how to structure a plan for each platform to engage younger members as well as their parents online, all in accordance with privacy protection and within Pony Club regulations.  Post structure, timing, topics, and other technicalities will also be addressed. 


C-3 – A Traditional Standards – Review of Standard Updates

                Deb Willson

We have new Standards of Proficiency in 2016. In this workshop you will learn the changes to the C-3 thru A Traditional Standards.  Attendees should leave with a better understanding of how to prepare for the new standard expected in 2016 and beyond. 


Care and Feeding of Volunteers

                Rae Birr, SueAnn McClelland and Kathy Yolken

USPC is a volunteer based organization. The saying "it takes a village" certainly applies to most aspects of our programs and administration. Finding and keeping happy volunteers can be a challenge. This workshop will cover recruitment and retention of volunteers. Time will be allotted for Q&A.


Club/Center Examiner Training:  What to Pass and What DNMS

                Kevin Bowie and Bunny Hendricks

Learning modalities and video of what we see at the levels.


Club/Center Level Ideas to Improve HM and Riding Skill to Pass Those Certifications

                Kevin Bowie and Bunny Hendricks

Bunny Hendricks and Kevin Bowie co-chairs of the D and C committee would love to aid you in delivery of the USPC curriculum.


Compliance Measures That Protect Us All

Caryn Sappelli

USPC Compliance Coordinator Caryn Sappelli will present updates and explain the how and why of Background checks, Youth Protection, Heat Illness, and Concussion training.  How can one preclude common errors and delays?  What updates are coming for background checks?  What is the timeline and process for follow up with those who are late in completing requirements?  Find out how you can help volunteers catch up, when RSs come into the process, and what happens if requirements are not met.


Conformation for the H-B Candidate and Beyond

                Laurie Chapman-Bosco

This workshop will cover conformation fundamentals regarding form and function, and poor conformation’s contribution to common equine lameness.  By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to recognize appropriate balance, angles and lines in equine conformation, which will help them to adequately discuss the conformation of the presented horses during the H-B, as well as noted conformation faults, and the impact those will have on that horse’s athletic career.


Creating a Lesson Plan

                Nancy Grout and Lori Stammer

The workshop focuses on crafting a well written lesson plan for instruction.  Presenters share a new version of a USPC lesson plan template and a model lesson. After the initial discussion of the template’s components, a National Examiner will discuss a current H-B’s lesson plan.  The discussions will cover National Testings at the H-B and H-A level-- candidate preparation in teaching a lesson plan and examiner’s expectations during the testing.  If there is time at the close of the workshop, participants are able to receive help in creating a lesson plan. 


D-C-2 Traditional Standards of Proficiency

                Kevin Bowie

The D-C-2 Traditional Standards have been updated for 2016!  Come review the changes and discuss how to implement them. 


Dressage Musical Freestyles:  How to Create Professional Sounding Musicals

                Katherine Abrams

This seminar will involve discussing the various programs that are available to cut. Katherine will be going into detail with one of the most popular programs to show some commonly used techniques to create seamless professional sounding edits and get around common editing problems.


Dressage Musical Freestyles:  How to Choreograph and Select Music for a Successful Musical

                Katherine Abrams

This seminar will cover required and forbidden movements, how to select music that will be received well by judges and steps and tips on how to create successful choreography.


E.90.EQ - Equestrian Fitness Bootcamp

                Daniel Stewart

As riders we’re true athletes. Let this fun and fast-paced fitness workshop teach you to treat and train yourself as the athlete you are. Learn cross-training exercises that improve your balance, symmetry, suppleness, posture, stamina and core-strength.  Medicine balls, exercise bands, jump ropes, yoga balls, BOSU balls, balance pods and agility ladders will be used to create these amazing exercises that will help will let your inner athlete out!


Equine Dental Care and Aging By Teeth

                Paula Horne, DVM

This workshop will give an overview of the equine mouth.  Topics discussed will include:  the anatomy of the equine mouth, routine dental care, identifying dental disease, aging by teeth and the role of the veterinarian and dental technician and equine dental care.


Fitness and Focus-Sports Psychology and Rider Boot Camp

                Daniel Stewart

This blended class of Daniel’s ever-popular sport psychology and fitness classes will cover both topics.  A humorous and upbeat seminar teaching confidence, positive thinking and show-jitter-busting techniques combined with a few fun rider cross-training exercises using medicine balls, agility ladders and more will remind riders that we are all true athletes. Great riders are created by building strong minds and bodies, and this is the perfect workshop to help you do it!


Function vs. Fitness

                Wendy Murdoch

It’s no secret that what makes top riders great is not just overall fitness but naturally good use of the mind and body in coordination, which we call “talent.” Therefore, good rider function is different than overall physical fitness. We can all become better riders by having a better understanding of how our bodies function and how our movement can help, or impede, our horses’ movement. In this workshop, you will take away amazing tools for a rock solid connection with your horse. One step closer to becoming a naturally great rider!"


Get Your Games (and Running Shoes) On

Sara Greiling Gardner

Participants learn games and coaching skills with games on the ground.  Eight races will be covered with techniques for successfully completing the races and strategies for introducing horses and riders to games.  Experience the excitement of games without the distraction of horses. 


Getting a Read on Your Horse

                Allison Thurston

What is your horse reading in other horses? What is he reading in humans?  By reading a horse's expressions, gestures and postures we can get a picture about a horse's personality and how he needs to be taught Come learn the horse- eye view of the world and what he's saying without words


Horse Management for the Horseless Pony Club Member

                Becky Smith

No horse? No problem! Learn how members can increase their HM knowledge and gain horsemanship skills by taking advantage of learning opportunities inside (and outside) of Pony Club.


Horsemasters – Now What?

                Bridget Bryson

Life with adults in Pony Club!  Scary?  Different?  The same?  What do we adjust, how do we schedule?  What about rallies?  What about chaperones?  Can we make it work?  Do any of these sound familiar?  This workshop is created as an update session on the status of HMX in USPC today, as well as a sharing time for current HMX members.  Please come with questions and ideas as we work together to grow the newest member group in Pony Club!  Committee chair Bridget Bryson, along with HMX members 'from the field' will share their perspectives and ideas, and be ready to listen to yours!


Horsemasters Certifying Through the Levels

               Bridget Bryson

Beginning in 2016, certifications at all levels – including C-3 and above – will be available for qualified Horsemasters candidates. Joining Claire and Bridget will be representatives from the D1-C-2 Curriculum, C-3/H-B Curriculum and the National Testing committees to review all certification levels. Learn about the standards and how to incorporate adult candidates into your tests as you make plans for your upcoming certifications.


How Foxhunting Will Help Your Members Get Their A... Or a Job

                Nancy Ambrosiano & Aliina Keers

This workshop will focus on the Pony Club and life skills foxhunting can bring to members and adults alike, and focus on some of the following questions: How does foxhunting prepare members for certifications? What hard skills (i.e. rider's position, 'fifth leg,' braiding, etc,) does it teach? What soft skills (i.e. confidence, perseverance, etc.)? The USPC sport with members and non-members participating on equal footing, foxhunting offers a unique perspective on 'life outside PC' and can be a good networking opportunity for older members looking to get into the horse industry. This workshop will also cover basic information on how to get started hunting, including traditions, attire, tack, horn calls, hound information, and how to get involved with your local hunt.


How to Choose the Right Feed for Your Mount

                Eric Haydt

Choosing the right feed should be easy, but there are literally hundreds of horse feed on the market today.  In this workshop Eric will break down how there are really only six major feed categories and how to decide which is best for your horse. 


How to Make a Good Club/Center GREAT

Kristi Gill and Panel

This workshop will be a panel discussion including some of the Plus One Challenge winners from 2015. They will share the “secrets” to their success and plans for continuing enthusiasm for the new year. Find out what can be done locally to build bridges to other organizations in ways that will enhance the member experience. All workshop participants will be encouraged to talk about their own best practices as well.


How to Prepare for Your H-B

                Leanne Barnett, Sydney Wilson

Are you thinking about the H-B test?  Have you heard there are a few changes?  Pony Club members, parents and clinicians will get an opportunity to learn about how to prep for the testing.  During the workshop we will present different activities to prepare for the test, cover the format of the test and point out a few of the changes for 2016.  Bring your questions!     


How to Run an Eventing Rally with a Recognized USEA Horse Trial

                Margaret Crevar

This workshop will outline how USPC clubs, centers and regions can work with the USEA Horse Trials organizers to share officials to keep the cost of running an Eventing Rally to a minimum.  The discussion will include where to put the Vet Box, how to segregate your pony club competitors from the other HT competitors, how to do Horse Management, and how to keep unauthorized assistance under control.  We would love to have all regions who do a joint Eventing Rally and USEA HT to attend the workshop and share what works and doesn’t work.


Jump for Joy

                Wendy Murdoch

From finding a better forward position to keeping the heels up (yes, UP!), Wendy explains the different factors that come into play when going over fences. Help the rider to help the horse!


Keepin’ It Real (Teaching Teachers to Teach)

                Alita (Bunny) Hendricks

This workshop is appropriate for PC members at the C-2 level and up and adults who teach Pony Club members at all levels (UR-H-A) and will explore the whys and ways we can teach -and learn-  content material for maximum comprehension and retention, regardless of the certification level, age, or learning style of the learner.


Learn to Play Polocrosse

                Kathy Barker and Susan Poulton

In this workshop Susan and Kathy will cover the basics of how to play polocrosse.  They will then go over some racket skills and perhaps have enough time to play a chukka on foot.  Workshop is open to members and parents alike!  For the experienced player they we will also have some upper level advice.


Life As (or With) a Pony Club Riding Center

                Kevin Bowie

Whether you are part of an established USPC Riding Center already, know nothing about them or are somewhere in between, come to this workshop to find out how centers contribute to USPC within your Region and locally. Centers and Clubs are more alike than different and all of us experience challenges.  Come learn how we can all work together to strengthen the membership of all Pony Club members.


Life Hacks:  Required Equipment Edition

                Lara Boisvert

Have you ever wondered why we require two types of scissors, two kinds of tape, a sharp knife, scrubs, ointments, wraps, leather goods, buckets, and just about everything in between listed for a rally kit?  Have your Club/Center leaders struggled to come up with items to provide kits for multiple teams for rallies? Has your Club/Center ever lamented the cost of replacing those pesky tubes of triple antibiotic ointment whose expiration dates seem to come due faster than next month’s board check?  If any of these apply, come learn how you can make your Club/Center’s required equipment kit work for you year after year. We’ll cover exactly what the Required Equipment List is and what the items are used for. We will also present both an “every day” perspective as well as what HM judges are looking for during competition from members and leaders. 


Making Games Equipment

Pam Johnson

This workshop will cover how to make basic games equipment inexpensively for many of the games listed in the USPC rulebook for mounted games.


Organizing a Mounted Rally

                Margaret Crevar, Ada Holley and Becky Smith

This workshop will assist regional leaders in planning for mounted rallies.  A timeline and checklist has been created with input from various rally organizers, in addition to checklists that are part of the rulebooks.  We will cover establishing a budget for each rally and how to determine the optimal pricing of entry fees. Learn how to set a rally schedule for ride times and how to smoothly incorporate Horse Management into the flow of the rally.


Organizing a Polocrosse Rally

                Kathy Barker and Susan Poulton

This workshop will cover the details of organizing a Polocrosse rally, from creating your invitation and hiring officials, to marking the field and day of rally logistics. 


Pony Club Equitation From the Judge’s Perspective

                Janet McCune

Janet, a long time Pony Club Championships Show Jumping/Equitation judge and “A” certification level national examiner discusses how classical position helps you and your horse in competitions, and in achieving certifications. Question/Answer time at end of presentation.


Posture is the Language of the Horse, So What is Your Horse Telling You

                Pat Bona, D.C.

In this fun and practical 50-minute workshop, Dr. Pat Bona will use a Power-Point presentation and short videos to clarify the difference between posture and conformation and explain how many of the asymmetries in horses are due to “Dents and Dings” and other scar tissue. The workshop will include an introduction to Cross Fiber Grooming, a therapeutic technique to help erase the “Dents and Dings” that compromise a horse’s posture and performance. This practical technique will complement your regular grooming as a pre-ride warm up, a massage, and an evaluation of your horse’s status as you groom.


Preparing for the H-HM/H/H-A Certification: Are You Ready?

                Laurie Chapman-Bosco and Debra Sue Waters

This workshop will help potential candidates, their instructors and club and regional supporters understand the timeline regarding preparing for this certification.  Although it is the horsemanship part of the “A” testing, it can be a rewarding and attainable achievement to those who plan ahead.  Participants will learn the depth of knowledge needed, learn of any changes to the 2016 Standard of Proficiency and leave with resources recommended in order to learn the information, whether studying along, or in groups.


Protecting Our 501(c)(3) Status

               Karen Clark

Join USPC’s Finance Director, Karen, for this interactive session that brings the Yahoo Digest format to you face-to-face. This training session is for club and region leaders in any position, not just treasurers, and includes non-profit, tax and record keeping topics.


Quiz:  The Multi-Use Tool of PC Activities

                Sue Beth Bunn

Receive information on how Quiz can become a well-developed educational tool for your club/center and region. Because Quiz incorporates knowledge of HM, SOPs and Competition Rules, learn how you can tailor your Quiz to ready your members for rallies and certifications.  Hear how Quiz can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your club/ region’s education program.   As a PC member, learn how to use Quiz to check your readiness for your next certification. Learn how Quiz can be used to help you gain teaching experience needed for your upper level tests.  Hear how Quiz is used by your region to teach you on the new HM and rally rules.


Self Carriage-Your Horse Can't Get It Until You Do

                Richard Lamb

This workshop focuses on the horse’s balance requirements in relation to the different disciplines and how the rider’s balance and position affects the horse’s performance in training and competition. Richard will use pictures, discussion, demonstrations, and video to give a better understanding how to help our horses move more freely with better balance to gain optimal performance on the flat and over fences.


Show Jumping Course Design

                Robert McCune

This workshop will focus on basic course design principles. How to organize, set, measure and build a course.  How to measure and figure the time allowed.   Types of jumps and material to build with for the level of competition.   What makes a good course, what are the elements of a course and difficulty factors.  If time permits we will overview the courses used in past championships.


StartBox Online Scoring Pony Club Integration

                Scott Weber

In this workshop we will have an overview of StartBox Online Scoring’s system for managing your competition.  We will review the enhancements added in 2015 to support Pony Club teams for the East and West Championships for Eventing, and are now available for general use.  We will review the status of the enhancements for supporting Dressage and Shoe Jumping in 2016.  A demo of the basics of the system will also be conducted as part of this workshop.


Tackling Technology, the Pony Club Way

               Dawn Strickler

Tour the new Pony Club website together, exploring the many new resource features that have been added. Once you know where to look, managing your clubs, centers and regions will be a snap! Dawn will demonstrate the user-friendly applications that can be useful throughout the year to handle your membership needs.


Take your Own Line (TYOL) – How to Go Fast By Riding Slow

                Richard Lamb

This workshop will present appropriate concepts and techniques to achieve the optimal performance while riding in timed jumper classes. There will be discussions about the best ways to find the most efficient line with the fastest time while jumping effectively and safely. Actual video footage from previous USPC Show Jumping Championships will be used to demonstrate effective riding.


Tetrathlon:  Develop a Successful Program

                Sean Gaffney

Develop and improve a successful Tetrathlon program from the Club, Riding Center or Region.  Organizers and members will benefit.  Explain how Tetrathlon prepares Pony Club members to become more physically fit, improve their riding ability and have fun.  Ideas on how to integrate Tetrathlon into current activities and develop a practice schedule will be presented.  Local, Regional, Championship and International Tetrathlon Competitions will be discussed.  Questions are encouraged.


The 5 W’s of Willpower - Rider Sport Psychology

                Daniel Stewart

As riders, we continually encounter stressful and unpredictable events and how we handle them greatly influences our ability to succeed. Let this humorous and upbeat seminar improve your confidence, success, focus and enjoyment by teaching you how to control the pressure, stress, distractions and show-jitters often related to riding and/or showing. This seminar will prove that whats going on between your ears is just as important as what happens below them!


The Science of Balanced Riding

                Anne Crowell, Cathy Frederickson and Annette Gavin

This presentation is designed to give riders insight into how the classical balanced position affects the horse.  We shall also include information about the development of the horse’s physique and how equipment- esp. the saddle can be influential. The Pliance pressure mat system gives us feedback about the pressure of the horses back lift, the rider’s seat, and the saddle/pads/girth. The Quintic Gait Analysis system gives us the ability to access joint flexion, extension, and movement patterns in both the horse and rider.  This information has been utilized by the Europeans for some years. Now it is available in the USA.


The Search for Horse/Rider Connection

                Peter Brick and Janet McCune

An introduction to “The Search For Horse/Rider Connection” weekend, which combines Eastern philosophy, (meditation, centering, visualization, breathing, relaxation, and stretching), with a unique set of exercises that helps to connect the rider emotionally, physically, and mentally to the horse. Innovative exercises are also experienced to help the participant understand theory, classical position, develop the “feel” of riding, and the horse’s perspective.                                                                                                                                                                                            


The SURE FOOT™ Balance Trail

                Wendy Murdoch

Test your ability to remain in balance on the Balance Trail both in dressage and jumping position. Learn how to improve your stability in the saddle so that you can positively influence your horse for better performance.


The Training Scale for the Rider

                Richard Lamb

You have probably heard of the Training Scale for the Horse and how the terms apply to the progressive training of the Horse. Now come hear about the Training Scale for the Rider.  Learn how the same terms can apply to the Rider and how both Training Scales are connected on so many levels. Richard uses diagrams, pictures and videos to discuss the Training Scale for the Rider.


The Vet Box-What You Need to Know

Margaret Crevar

This workshop will educate members on what they need to do when coming to the Vet Box after their cross country round.  During this education we will explain reasons behind why we do what we do in the Vet Box.


Thinking Out of the Box, an Invitation to Share Ideas

                Nancy Ambrosiano, Claire Harmon and others

USPC has a tremendous wealth of capable, inspiring people involved at every level, whether they be volunteers, members, parents, club leaders or committee members. Join us for a roundtable session where we can gather some of the great ideas that might be circulating, ideas whose time may have come. Looking across the educational spectrum of all the USPC offers, what could we be doing better? What have we not yet thought of? Join members of the ad hoc “Education for the Next 10 Years” committee and share your vision of concepts that could give us more impulsion as we move into the future.


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