Pony Club is offering an exciting addition to our new website. Every club, center, and region will receive their own site through USPC. The new individual sites will allow information to be pulled directly from the Pony Club database. Some of the information would include current officers, the Pony Club mission statement and core values, as well as links to specific materials and pages on the main Pony Club website.

The goal of providing these sites is for the public to be able to find the most current and accurate information on programs in their area. For leaders this will make the maintenance of their site much easier as the new site will be automatically up to date with all of the new materials and changes happening at the national level. 

Using the site is completely voluntary. If a club, center, or region is not interested in utilizing this as their main site, it is recommended that a leader post a link to their freestanding site on the Pony Club-generated site. This way if an interested person wants to find information on programs in their area correct contact information is still easily found. The tentative release date for the new sites would be March 2016 after the release of the new USPC main site.  Once these sites are up, they will eventually replace the existing USPC hosting service.

Please view the mockup of the template for the new sites for further information on what your site might look like.

USPC Marketing looked at various current club, center, and region websites to find common pages and uses for sites. An outline for the new sites has been created. At the bottom right of the mock up is a link for you to provide your feedback, ideas, questions, comments and concerns. 




  • Where It All Begins Header - links to Pony Club main website will contain the name of the club, center, or region

  • If your club, center, region has a social media site(s),  there is a region on the top right of the main portion of the page where it can be linked. If your club/center or region does not utilize social media, then this section would not show.

  • Your club, center, region logo can be uploaded.

  • The body of the main page is 100% customizable. You can add any text, photos, and links that serve your needs to this section.



(menu bar)

  • For some of the pages, information will pull from the national database or organization information and automatically display or link to the National site without you having to maintain the information

  • For example, on the "About" page, the Pony Club Mission statement will always show at the top, a link to the main Pony Club site and our Core Values will always show at the bottom.  There will be a section in the middle that is completely customizable by you to serve your club, center, or region. If you choose not to add to this section  then just the Mission Statement, the link, and Core Values will show.

Here are the ideas for other menu items:

  • About page
    • Mission Statement at top (display for all)
    • Link to main Pony Club site and Core Values at bottom (displays for all)
    • The middle of the page is where you can enter in specific information about your club/center or region. If nothing is entered, then the mission statement and the link to the main site and the core values will be all that show on this page.

  • Contact Us page
    • At top will be a section for you to enter text about your leaders or additional ways people can contact you.
    • In the middle will be the list of CURRENT officers/leaders currently on record with the National Office (displays for all)
    • At the bottom will be another section for you to enter text and add other officers/leaders who are not on record with the National Office

  • Calendar page
    • A page to include your activities/dates and special events, and provide links to additional information, entry forms, etc., and/or link to the calendar you are currently maintaining.
    • Link to the USPC Annual Meeting page will be provided
    • Link to the USPC Championships page will be provided

  • News page
    • A page to include notices and links to press releases/articles about activities and what's been going on in your club/center/region.

  • Forms page
    • A page for links to forms, policies, or other documents specific to your club/center/region.

  • Members page
    • Provided links to materials and information found on the National site.  This way you do not need to try to maintain correct links to those pages or to the materials as those links change when updated by the National Office such as:
      • D-1 – C-2 Educational Materials
      • H-B – A Educational Materials
      • Rulebooks
      • Pony Club Disciplines
    • You will also be able to create pages with the materials and information that your members need that is specific to your club, center or region.

  • Support page
    • A page where you can talk about the various ways individuals or companies can support your club/center/region.  This would be a great place to provide a link to your PayPal or other avenue in which donations can be made.

    Please submit this form with your comments, ideas, questions and feedback.


  • You can ADD as many pages as you need to your site. So while we've shown some options for automatic pages to be provided, just know that you do not need to fit all your current pages onto a limited number of pages in the new site template.
  • If you do not see a page that you feel you need, let us know. It may be that many groups will be served by having this in the provided template pages, or it may be a page that your club, center, region can create to serve your individual need.




  • So, what do you think?
  • Do you see how information on your current site could fit into this template?
  • What questions, concerns or ideas does the template mock up bring up?

Please submit this form with your comments, ideas, questions and feedback.