To celebrate the Alltech 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, USPC has a life size picture of Gina Miles riding McKinlaigh, with a cut out where visitors can put their face through the cut out and "ride" McKinlaigh themselves! 

Thank you to Professional's Choice for Sponsoring "Giant Gina."

USPC President, Tom Adams, "riding" McKinlaigh.    A staff member took a picture of Tom and emailed it to his daughter, Erika.  Erika is an "A" Graduate from Tennessee Pony Club, and now runs her own training barn and actively competes.

Here is the email exchage about the picture of her father:

Sent: Here is dad on cross country!

Erika: Who?

Sent: It's your dad looking thru our giant Gina Miles cutout at the PC office

Erika: Ha! Ask him if he will ride the horse home and put him in my barn...


Others having fun pretending they are having the ride of their life!

Karol Wilson, Director of Member Services & Regional Administration.

Melissa Nolan, Member Records Specialist.