General Tentative Overall Annual Meeting Schedule of Events
subject to change

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Overview of the Schedule Below

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Registration Opens at 4:00 pm Registration Open Registration Open Meeting of the Corporation - 7:30 am Registration closes at 10 am
NYC/AoA Evening Reception NYC/AoA Trade Fair Open Registration Open Trade Fair closes at 11 am
  RS/DC/CA Leadership Training Anatomy Room Open Trade Fair Open Anatomy Room closes at noon
  Activities Council Pony Paddock Open Anatomy Room Open Pony Paddock closes at noon
  Instruction Council NYC/AoA Pony Paddock Open Equine Symposium/ Educational Workshops ends at noon
  Trade Fair Opens at Noon RS/DC/CA Leadership Training Equine Symposium/ Educational Workshops -
(10 am - 5 pm)
  DC/CA/RS Evening Reception RIC/HMO Training Founders Evening Reception  
    Activities Council Paddock Pizza Party  
    Instruction Committees Banquet & Dance  
    Educational Workshops -
(1 pm - 5 pm)
    AoA/NYC Honors Banquet